Michelle Bachmann at RightOnline 2011

Michele Bachmann’s rousing speech from RightOnline 2011. A real shame to have missed this convention.

Early on in her speech Bachmann makes the point that in order to take over the government in 2012, we’re going to need to take the three-legged stool approach. She actually identifies four legs: the “peace through strength conservatives,” the fiscal conservatives, the social conservatives, and the Tea Party. She’s correct, however the obvious danger is too much compromise. The true conservatives within the GOP and the Tea Party must not bend over for the Republican Party machine at the primary.

Here’s Michelle.

Click here for the other sessions from the convention.


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2 thoughts on “Michelle Bachmann at RightOnline 2011

  1. My ticket for 2012 is Bachmann-West! That being said, if Rick Perry is the real deal, I would love to have Ms. Bachmann as Speaker of the House.

    Whoever becomes the next GOP President in 2012 will need help from both Houses in Congress to turn us around. By having Ms. Bachmann as SOH, that secures her district being a GOP district in a thawing Minnesota. This also places her third in line for the Presidency.

    How awesome will it be to have these three positions secured so that legislation can be sent from the House to a GOP Senate led by Jim DeMint? 2012 is going to be a very good year!

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