"Why Wind Won’t Work"

From Australia’s Carbon Sense Coalition
The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for an immediate end to government mollycoddling of wind power.
The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that a submission by the Coalition to the Senate enquiry into wind farms found that there is no proof that wind farms will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and it is ludicrous to believe that a few windmills in Australia are going to improve the global climate.
“Such wondrous expressions of green faith put our politicians on par with the Cargo Cultists and those who believe in the tooth fairy. The tax payers funding this largess and the consumers paying the escalating power bills are entitled to demand evidence and proof. There are so many state and federal green energy schemes that no one knows how much is being wasted.
“Not only is there no climate justification for wind farms, but they are also incapable of supplying reliable or economical power. So poor is their performance in every real test in every country that people world-wide are starting to ask if there is some deeper agenda.
“It was revealed just today that one of Britain’s most visible wind turbines produces just 17% of its rated capacity and delivers electricity worth far less than the government pays the promoters in subsidies.
“It is also surprising that those who claim to be defenders of the environment can support this monstrous desecration of the environment.
“Wind power is so dilute that to collect a significant quantity of wind energy requires thousands of gigantic towers each with a massive concrete base and their network of interconnecting heavy duty roads and transmission lines. Then when they go into production, they slice up bats and eagles, disturb people who live nearby, reduce property values and start bushfires.
“Finally, to cover the loss of power when the wind drops or blows too hard, every wind farm needs a conventional power station (commonly gas-fired) with capacity at least twice the design capacity of the wind farm to even out the sudden fluctuations in the electricity grid.
“Why bother with the wind farm – just build the backup?
“There is no justification for the continuation of mandates, subsidies or tax breaks favouring wind power over other reliable and cheaper electricity generation options.
“Wind power promoters should compete on an equal basis with all other power options.”

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4 thoughts on “"Why Wind Won’t Work"

  1. Here’s a question I’d like to hear posed to wind power advocates:

    The IPCC is forecasting global temperature increases regardless of our best efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. (I disagree, but that’s not the point) Taking their prediction as fact, and combining it with climate scientist’s dire prediction of massive global changes in weather (and wind) patterns, how is it possible to locate and build huge wind farms in areas of a country that will provide “guaranteed” wind power to these turbines on into the future? Surely you can’t just move thousands and thousands of gigantic installations here and there to harness the (predicted) ever changing global wind currents.

  2. Why aren't you at CPAC? We need fresh input, and your work, of late, is unparalleled. I think Glenn's staff and/or followers would be willing to put their $ where their mouths are to see that you get there. Next year, when it is time to go big, or go home?

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