Key Socialist Fears “White Working Class” Could Defeat Obama

Ruy Teixeira

Prominent election expert Ruy Teixeira, a Senior Fellow at the George Soros funded Center for American Progress Action Fund, fears that America’s “White Working Class” could sink President Barack Obama in the 2012 elections.

Teixeira was an identified member of the US’s largest Marxist group Democratic Socialists of America in the early 1980s, the time Obama himself began his long and ongoing association with that organization.

Writing in the leftist The New Republic Teixeira opines:

There will be a lot of white working class voters showing up at the polls next November, and the degree to which they support (or abandon) President Obama could very well make or break his reelection…

In 2008, during his otherwise-solid election victory, Obama lost the white working class vote by 18 points. In 2010, however, things got much worse: Congressional Democrats’ experienced a catastrophic 30 point deficit among the same group. While the first number is a figure Obama could live with repeating, the second could very well prove fatal.

Indeed, if Republicans can replicate that 30 point deficit in 2012—a margin which seems increasingly possible given the recent bad news about the economy—Obama will have little to no room for error among his other constituencies…. In such a scenario, Obama would have to hold essentially all of his white college graduate support from 2008 (47 percent, a historic high for Democrats) to be assured of victory.

These tactics are likely to pay big dividends both nationally and, even more importantly, in the states where the election is actually decided. Consider the case of Ohio, a state the GOP must take back to take down Obama. White working class voters could end up representing as much as 56 percent of Ohio voters in 2012, judging from Census voter supplement data. Anything close to a 30 point deficit in 2012 will almost definitely sink Obama in this state, no matter what happens with the friendlier portions of the Ohio electorate.

Or take Florida, Nevada, and Colorado, other states that are vulnerable to a white working class collapse. Florida’s 29 electoral votes would assure Obama’s re-election, assuming he manages to carry the 18 states, plus the District of Columbia, that Democrats have carried in every presidential election since 1992 (which, together, represent a total of 241 electoral votes). Compared to Ohio, Florida’s white working class is smaller (a projected 42 percent of voters in 2012), but a 30 point deficit would still torpedo Obama’s chances, putting this must-win state for the GOP firmly in their column. Nevada (42 percent white working class in 2012) and Colorado (46 percent), meanwhile, would also be put in serious doubt should Obama’s support among this group crater in 2012…

But how likely is such a white working class surge toward the GOP in 2012? From the standpoint of Obama and the Democrats, scarily so. It’s important to remember that this is the group that has been the bulwark of every GOP victory going back to Richard Nixon in 1968. And it is the group recently termed by journalist Ronald Brownstein as, “[T]he most pessimistic group in America.” In a recent Pew Economic Mobility Project poll, only one-third of working class whites thought today’s children would live better than they do, far below the levels of confidence expressed by minorities and college-educated whites

These views are obviously rooted in the bleak economic situation confronting most members of the white working class...

To be sure, the good news for Obama is that the level of support he needs from this group of voters is not terribly high. While a 30 point deficit might sink him, he could survive pretty easily on a 23 point deficit, John Kerry’s margin in 2004. That Obama would likely win with this very large deficit, while Kerry lost, indicates just how much the demographics of the country have changed in the 8 years since Kerry’s defeat. But while the bar for Obama may be lower, he still needs to clear it, and at the moment, that’s looking like a real challenge.

Ruy Teixeira’s socialist arrogance blinds him to one important fact.

America’s “working class” does not reject Obama’s socialist values because they are suffering economically (though they are), or because they have less “confidence” than “college educated whites.”

American working people, of all colors reject Obama’s values, simply because they are the main reservoir of real American values.

America’s working people fight the wars, build the small businesses and farms and pay the taxes that preserve those values. They better understand the principles that built America than do many, if not most college graduates.

If America is saved, it will be America’s extraordinary working people and the leaders that spring from their ranks, the likes of Sarah Palin, Allen West, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart and Michele Bachmann, who do the saving.


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29 thoughts on “Key Socialist Fears “White Working Class” Could Defeat Obama

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  3. I never voted for that communist scumbag obama and I never will. I don’t know why, but it still it amazes me that when I talk to people today, no one seems to have voted for obama, either that or they are ashamed to admit they voted for a communist scumbag! Kind of makes a person wonder how this communist scumbag ever got elected!

  4. Which is why it’s very bad for republicans to be still cozying up to outsourcing and more bad trade deals that will send what little jobs left in the US to Latin America and South Korea. We need to see GOP members of congress and the senate, and presidential candidates talking tough on China, including on the need to impose tariffs to fight China’s currency manipulation. Democrats and Obama openly support outsourcing, amnesty for illegals and the importation of visa workers, but they hope they can blame unemployment on GOP cozyness with corporations and their long term support for outsourcing, etc..

    Not saying they can’t support trade, but they have to remember that what we’ve gotten under NAFTA and MFN with China hasn’t been free trade, it’s been one sided trade, and it’s destroyed out economy. There is no free trade when the only thing we’re exporting is jobs, and wealth. What’s more, we need to hear republicans saying loud and clear, if democrats believe raising taxes is the answer to all the world’s problems, then end all foreign aid and tell those wealthy, so called, ‘developing nations’ to raise taxes on their own wealthy, middle classes and industries, and take care of their own problems, and until those ‘developing nations’ start raising their own wages, etc.. and given the lower cost of living, we need to impose tariffs. Also, they need to stand up to Obama, given his attacks against small businesses who speak out against excessive regulation, and demand Obama explain why, he’s using our tax dollars to subsidize unregulated businesses in foreign countries?

  5. Obama came from nothing, and in no time at all he was able to fool enough of the people, enough of the time. That’s how he got elected and that, ladies and Gentlement, is a reflection on the mindset residing within American politics today. Obama is an enigma, he represents the needs and wishes of the offshore banking cartels..which, by the way, now own your soil. This is the real problem, and this is what’s causing all the upset, aside from people being too stupid enough to look beyond this guy’s skin color.

    Welcome to Playground Politics 2011. All you have to do is vote for for some guy who looks young and trendy. One who says all the right things to the right people. Who cares if you don’t need to earn votes in order to geat heard in this country..who cares about the tireless efforts of the likes of Ron Paul (someone far more experienced and deserved of Presidency)..if you look the part, you are the part. If all else fails, simply buy votes. And all this whilst this country sinks deeper and deeper into debt, all this while the population skyrockets, whilst resources are destroyed, whilst jobs are lost. It’s just all too easy to blame the white man, I guess..including the one’s who saw Obama for what he really is: a globalist puppet. Go ahead and sign your future away, if you like. Alternatively, learn from the mistakes people did make in Europe, not so long ago..Hitler wanted change; Hitler wanted a one world order. Hitler also went to great lengths to ensure he got his way. The parallels are striking, but still, because we live in a nation besot with the attention spans of a knat, and because our media is mostly bought and paid for by the globalist cabal..we end up with puppet boy dangling on a string instead of a real President with real balls. Goodnight America, it was good while it lasted.

  6. Obama only needs people to vote for him based on his image.

    Al Wasser, most of the population growth in the US isn’t by virtue of European stock. Most of the future predicted growth follows the same trend.

    There is no longer left or right..they’re two cheeks of the same, selfish ass. This ass would sell our souls to the devil if it could make a profit and further it’s agenda, which is to destroy us from within. If Obama wins or loses, we all loose out in the end. We will all wake up in a country besot with illegal immigration from the south, and all the problems it brings with it. We will still wake up with the corruption, the destruction of everything we built. The destruction of our future. The whole system is hell-bent on destroying us and now, with the information age, all it needs to do that is control the flow of information.

    This nation’s freedoms are, like it’s land, being raped and pillaged whilst we ponder over this individual like he is some kind of black demigod. Like he has all the answers. He is but the mouthpiece of the beast, and our sincerity, our hopes and our dreams, our notion of fairness and equality for all..are but the fodder on which the beast must consume. This beast is globalisation.

  7. It is up to us. Get out and check out what you can do in your own community. Become a Precinct Committeeman. The idiots in the Republican party have so alienated conservatives they do not have their precincts covered with good people. Check it out run yourself. You can have a positive impact on an election by becoming active. Join a tea party. Vote moderate Republicans and RINOS out, get some conservatives in that KNOW the constitution and love America! Time is wasting so check this out today!!!!!

  8. Dear Mr. Ruy,

    you can bet your pointed headed little black-hearted soul we will…


    the silent majority of America

    (p.s. that is the 60-80% of the center/right… you know, flyover country… we came out in record numbers in 2010 and we’ll do it again in 2012… in the mean time, we’re busy trying to survive, keep our jobs, raise our families and educate our lost and misguided lefist family members…)

  9. “What if the majority *wants* socialism? Do you go down fighting, or cut your losses and concentrate on survival?” -Al Wasser says: June 27, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Hello AW:
    The 66% majority will go along with whomever wins. They *want* to be taken care of, like a 16 year old welfare mother of 3. They have no right to control a government nor to make virtual servants of the working/thinking/planning part of the population.

    The first job of an insurgent is to stay alive, and gain support of the population. After a few years of “socialism”, the memory of plenty of good-quality food, property that was respected, and no political operatives at the market or hospital will be appealing enough. Your propositional dichotomy allows only for death on the tip of a very hard/sharp mechanized spear or “going along to get along” with the rest of the penned herd.

    The CONUS is not South Africa or Rhodesia. Look at how close to decisively winning 12-17% of the population got before external Communists and western Socialists armed and trained the ANC and Mugabe. With 45% of the population, and 95% of the armed population, we have a good chance of restoring the Federal Government to its’ core limited role without a decade-long die-off.

    Stopping this possibility was the point of Operation Gunwalker (a Holder/Obama production), treason & at least hundreds dead. Don’t worry, most of the dead are Mexican civilians….

  10. New Wash Times Ad Placed by We Have a Criminal and Forger in the White House! Why Isn’t Speaker John Boehner Investigating? Call or write and ask him! Demand Action and an Investigation by the House of Reps NOW! – 27 Jun 2011 Wash Times National Weekly pg 5

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    Proof that Obama Has Forged His Long Form Birth Certificate Posted on the White House Servers and Xerox Copies Given to Reporters on 27 April 2011:

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  11. ‘”Nations” are historically extensions of a primal “family”, kindred blood relatives sharing the same gene pool united by a common blood tie (sanguinity).’

    Frank, what you’re saying holds a lot of water in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, and many other countries with restrictive citizenship policies. In contrast, the United States confers citizenship to all born in its territory, and to hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year. Surely you don’t want to invalidate the citizenship of everyone who was not a descendent of the original European settlers? Don’t forget, Spain and France were in the U.S. before the British were, if memory serves.

    Moreover, it is well known that the U.S. traditions, laws, customs and culture do not apply specific or exclusive standards of ethnicity, religion or race to the concept of Americanism nor to American citizenship. It is true that over most of the U.S.’s history, the majority of its citizens have been of English-speaking Christians of European stock. This seems to be changing, although my guess is that this still holds true for now.

    In any event, your assertion that “true” American citizenship only accrues to certain ethnicities holds no legal water.

    Now, if you want to oppose Communism, that’s another story, and I’ll support you in that. However, what if that program puts you in opposition to the Senate and the House of Representative, and the Judicial and Executive branches of the federal government? What if the majority *wants* socialism? Do you go down fighting, or cut your losses and concentrate on survival?

  12. The trouble here is that there is no strong front runner to oppose Obama, America has to get out of the cycle where we vote for someone because they are not someone else. It is a cycle that will end us in destruction.

  13. It is for this very line of reasoning that Soros is working so hard to make sure HE can get the socialist progressives into as many of the Secretary of States as he can.

    In the event of any close race, or a contested one – which will be one of the main ways Obama’s supporters will try to steal the next election – it is the Secretaries of State who will certify the votes.

    And as Soros stated “You do not need to control the voters; you only need to control those who certify the votes.”

    Once again we see this happening. He is hedging his bets for his own agenda – the reduction and destruction of America.

  14. The “white” working class is the “host” political community that founded this nation. They are the Constitutional “Posterity” of the founding generation that founded this nation for “Themselves and Their Posterity” alone, not for the entire human family.

    This political community, as the founders of government, are its sovereign, principal, and source of its authority. “Nations” are historically extensions of a primal “family”, kindred blood relatives sharing the same gene pool united by a common blood tie (sanguinity). See 2nd Federalist Paper and Law Dictionary definition for “nation”. These are the host “agnates”.

    The post-Civil War 14th Amendment created an exception to the Law of the Land, providing a privileged ipso-facto citizenship for the freed slaves (and subsequent colored “non-posterity” minorities). These ipso-facto “non-posterity” citizens are government created statutory “subjects”, they are the “agent” in relation to government, not its “principal”. Government is their “master”, not their “servant”.

    Being creations of law, they only have statutory “civil rights” derived from Congress, not unalienable “natural” rights derived from the Creator. This country was not created for them, they were “adopted” into it after-the-fact as a privilege. They are the adopted “cognates” lacking the blood tie of sanguinity (another reason obama is inelligible).

    Now consider the followoing metafor: The “Ship of State”, owned and operated by the Constitutional “Posterity” has been authorized by the 14th Amendment to pick up “hitchhikers”.

    Now there are so many “hitchhikers” on the Ship that they have come to think that the Ship belongs to them. They are mutinying and attempting to throw the Ship’s owners and paying passengers overboard.

    We now have a “hitchhiker” in the Captain’s cabin who is threatening to “CHANGE” the direction and destination of the Ship to accomdate his own alien self serving purposes.

    Communism regards all races, colors, creeds, and national origins as all equal. This is an attempt to destroy patriotism and dispose of the nation’s source of sovereignty. Government is disposing of its “master”. It’s called a dictatorship.

    If the “Posterity” whose birthright this country is will not speak up in its defense, they don’t deserve to have it, and will most assuredly lose it. We are now in a “sudden death” playoff for the survival of the nation.

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