9 thoughts on “Former Obama Advisor Fighting For The Tea Party – Not

  1. The most dangerous part of people of conviction like Van Jones, wrong as it is and evil to the core, is their ability to make folks like them and convince them they are the victims while the real set of targets are made into the oppressors of the nation.

    Convince the people around you they are victims, as are you, and give them a visible target to focus upon and hate; then unleash them while you maneuver your own forces in the background.

    That is true danger.

    He plays the game on many levels, and many directions at once.

  2. Bull Crap is too nice of a statement for this one! Notice how he referred to the Tea Party people?…. Those people…in the Tea Party!!

  3. This is the guy who publically called for the violent overthrow of the United States government.

    A marxist mantra is “always preach true democracy but when they least expect it, seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as possible (we will smash them with our clenched fist).”

    Communism is a total dictatorship. Once you get it, you are stuck with it. Better open the package and look at the merchanise before you buy.

  4. With Van Jones, take the words he speaks two ways:

    When he supports something he has long sought to destroy, such as the tea parties, look for the double meanings within.

    When he speaks of destruction and transformation of america, then take him at face value, that is what he means.

    This man is one of the most dangerous of all times, right up there with Cass Sunstein and his wife.

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