5 thoughts on ““Chooka” Parker Rocks the Aussies

  1. that young man is amazing!

    i hope he gets his houseboat and much more. and i hope we get to hear more of his incredible music in the future.

    Good on ya Chooka!

    1. Hi @Kirly and anyone else who loved Chooka on AGT and wants to help him get his houseboat. He’s just released a CD on iTunes called ‘No Worries’ and will be available as hard copy shortly. Check it out, its even more amazing than the AGT performances. Cheers…

      1. I’m a fan and also a member of the public and I can say what I like about anyone on the internet, particularly if its something nice. Im not purporting to be associated with Chooka in a business sense at all. If you keep saying this, then the public are going to get the wrong picture of you (I know its not you Chooka anyway, but your inexperienced secretary who doesn’t quite get how to deal with the public yet). All the best to you with your music and your career – I am still a huge fan of the music. Cheers 🙂

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