16 thoughts on “Allen West – “Im the Liberals Worst Nightmare”

  1. He has stated he will not run on numerous occasions and is gearing up for his re-election campaign. He will run if and when he is ready. You cannot force someone to run for office when they don’t feel ready!

    I completely understand and appreciate that many patriotic Americans have begged him to run, but it looks as if it won’t be in 2012.

  2. The only way to carry the fight to Obama is to conduct exhaustive investigations of him, to challenge his very legitimacy. I have appealed to The Honorable Allen West to advance this cause. Like the other House RINOs, he has failed and refused to do anything, to my knowledge, to do anything on this key matter.

    My appeal to The Honorable Allen West, 2 February 2011:

    Enclosed are copies of a background memorandum of 1 December 2010 and a 23 January 2011 letter to Senator Rubio regarding the urgent need for exhaustive investigations of the current pretender to the Office of President.

    One of the most disturbing aspects of this matter is the utterly corrupt memorandum of the Congressional Reference Service, dated 3 April 2009, “Qualifications for the Office of President of the United States and Legal Challenges to the Eligibility of a Candidate”,
    http://www.scribd.com/doc/41131059/CRS-Congressional-Internal-Memo-What-to-Tell-Your-Constituents-Regarding-Obama-Eligibility-Questions, discussed in the letter to Senator Rubio. The CRS memo might be a principal source of the delusions of members of Congress regarding official investigations of Mr. Obama’s eligibility to the Office of President and his theft of racial identity, such as Speaker Boehner’s opinion that Mr. Obama’s eligibility is “settled”. He could not be more mistaken.

    During American University’s Washington Semester program in D.C. more than half a century ago, the Spring Semester of 1959, I attended a presentation, part of the program, at the Library of Congress. I think it was by the head of the Library of Congress himself, that magnificent institution of which – again, if memory serves – the Congressional Reference Service is a part. He extolled as an example of its work the exposure of British official denials that perfidious Albion was trading with Communist China while Chinese troops were slaughtering Americans in Korea (definition of a diplomat: One who’s willing to lie for his country). Ever since, I’ve assumed that the CRS was a secure source of objective analysis for members if Congress. I was seized with a sense of disillusionment and betrayal as I reviewed the internal (i.e., secret) CRS memo of 3 April 2009.

    Even more infuriating than the apathetic slugs we’ve elected to our legislative bodies is this CRS sophist who deliberately covers up the probable usurpation of the American Office of President with a phony legal opinion. It’s c**p with s**t icing, dismaying in the extreme. This really is a government of gangsters.

    The slugs merely want information and analytical prowess; the sophist has joined the Obama cabal. His con shows how pervasive the insurgency is, and is like laying a cold hand on the heart of every true Patriot.

    Let me emphasize that I’m not claiming final conclusions on Mr. Obama’s eligibility or theft of racial identity, though I’m about 70% certain of my tentative conclusions. But any objective observer must realize that the matter cries out for official investigation. Until thorough investigations, by sworn testimony, subpoena and search warrants and all other necessary or desirable techniques and resources (maybe some Allen West Special Field Interrogations) are conducted, the constitutional status of every official act of Mr. Obama is in question and there is a strong possibility that he is an enemy agent putting the Republic in great peril.

    I’m at your disposal if you have questions, comments or requests on this matter. I’ll try not to mince words.

    End of excerpt, letter to The Honorable Allen West.

    The House RINOs’ failure to conduct thorough investigations of the Obama matter, which would almost certainly make a record for impeachment, is fatal to Republican hopes for the Office of President, and could cost us our Republic.

    Sometimes doctors prescribe medication for its side effects. In a sense, that’s what I’m doing. The Hawai’ian vital records will prove eligibility at birth, not ineligibility. But they will also show that his claim of being the son of a Luo tribesman and a white American chick is a colossal hoax. Proving Indonesian citizenship will not necessarily prove loss of U.S. citizenship, but investigation will show corrupt and seditious conduct to cover up the Indonesian citizenship, which Obama clearly feared would be found to negate his natural born U.S. citizenship.

    How often we hear, “The cover-up is worse than the crime.”

    Exhaustive investigation will probably disclose that Obama’s true allegiance for all or nearly all of his adult life to date has been the international communist conspiracy, the one examined in The Black Book of Communism, which I recommend.

    The House RINOs can not with honesty call themselves patriots or claim that they are loyal to their oath of office. That includes, I fear, The Honorable Allen West.

  3. Allen West is not afraid TO SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!!!!! VP in 2012 and President in 2016.

    It.is so refreshing to hear this honorable and courgeous man speak.

  4. Lt.Col.West MUST RUN FOR President in 2012! He is a REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT who BELIEVES in the U.S. and its exceptionalism! WE THE PEOPLE need to send this video to family, friends and colleagues and PERSUADE Cong.West just how important it is for him to run in 2012!

    I love this guy!!

  5. How can it possibly get any better than this? This guy makes James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington look like liberals. If he is for real (I believe his is, I have a relative who is a retired army Col. who served with him that sas he is) he is a God send for this country. He has already proven himself. Anerica needs to get behing them, he knows how to conduct a war.

  6. Listen we need West right now; a West/Cain mix would be able to be a major asset for us now. However we shall see what the future will be…as long as we can get someone who is able to break the socialist ways of the land going in; and has the guts and integrity to make the hard choices and the ability to make it stick.

  7. I’m thinking we need to get a group of people together (current constituents & other supporters of significance) meet w him & make the case to him. I’m a newbie/freshman member of Beach Club in Palm Beach will try to get to the leadership who brought him to speak to see what they say.

  8. Luv this video clip b/c it was at this event that I spoke w Allen for about 20 minutes & I told him I believed he may well be a future President of USA. He laughed & gave my daughter his speakers badge (notice he’s not wearing it on stage) & signed it for her w good advice to work hard & keep good moral character. She treasures that badge. She would go out w me every night (after homework) at age 8 & walk precincts to get him elected to Congress. When he saw her at the opening of his office here in West Palm he had her come up & help cut the ribbon. By the way my husband & I are in this video off to left side of stage. Husband is guy w light blue baseball cap & I have on black Alllen West T from 2006 campaign.

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