Greenie Gaia Guy’s Globalist Gabble

Listen to this unbelievable Green/socialist/Gaia loving/globalist/pseudo-scientific B.S.

Tim Flannery, head of Australia’s Climate commission dribbles on very eloquently about not very much.

This would be hilarious, if the ideas expressed here were not influencing our lives to such an huge degree.

Thanks to Nancy


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6 thoughts on “Greenie Gaia Guy’s Globalist Gabble

  1. Global intelligence? Hah! No mention of God in the equation at all, guess we shouldn’t be surprised at the level of lunacy in the conversation.

  2. One more out of control progressive lunatic who sees himself as the elitist who knows what is best for everyone else, and will use all means – coercion and force – to make the changes he deems fit in the socialist progressive nightmare they seek to forge.

    We are trying to stop them here in America; and I have followed up for some time what this man is preaching and teaching among those in Australia. I hope you can stop him as we are trying to stop them here as well.

      1. Why do you believe their lies? No restrictions or taxes placed on us is going to help anyone anywhere. That’s why it is a S-C-A-M.

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