The Globalists’ Takeover of Argentina is a Blueprint for America

By: AJ

Yes, George Soros was involved in the global elites’ takeover of Argentina which de-industrialized their country, eliminated their middle class and plunged their citizens into massive starvation and unspeakable poverty.

Yes, Argentina’s President and politicians were “in” with the global elites, and their Unions were “in” with the corrupt government officials… just as America’s President Obama, Congress and Unions are “in” with each other, with George Soros and with the other global elites.

That said, what happened in Argentina is what’s happening in America right now.

Argentina was a socialist country whereby the government controlled the means of production and doled out to the people via the “rights” their government granted. Because their government controlled everything, government had the ability to take everything away and sell off the revenue producing sources/resources to the global elites. And that’s just what they did… at bargain-basement prices.

They stripped Argentina of its assets, sold them off to the fat-cat global elites, and they increased Argentina’s national debt through massive out-of-control government spending that could never be repaid. This took money directly out of the pockets of the people in order to put it in their own pockets, to destroy their middle class and plunge the people into poverty – and of course to set the conditions to justify placing Argentina under International Monetary Fund (IMF)/United Nations‘ (UN) control.

In America, Obama has nationalized our banks, our car industry, student loans, healthcare, food, etc. These industries are now ripe and ready for sell-off to the fat-cat global elites.

Obama has added over $4.3 Trillion to our national debt in just 2 ½ years – with a complicit and corrupt Congress. To put that into perspective, it took 233 years to accumulate a national debt of $10 Trillion. In just 2 ½ years, Obama added 30% ($4.3 Trillion) to it through massive, massive spending that has to come directly out of the pockets of American citizens and businesses who already give approximately $2.1 Trillion to the Federal government every year.

Union leaders who brag about their daily interaction with the White House could care less that union employees will lose their jobs; they clearly state their primary objective is to suck as much money out of the government as possible, thus causing our national debt to go even higher in hopes of collapsing States under the weight of such massive government costs.

Now we’re hearing George Soros say that our government needs to spend more (increase our debt further), institute a ‘managed decline’ of our dollar (already in progress), and we hear that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner and the head of the largest private bank in America – the Federal Reserve’s Chairman Ben Bernanke are considering IMF/UN control of America’s economy and transition to a global currency which will abolish the dollar. How many pennies on the dollar do you think the exchange rate will be?

Obama is purposely causing energy prices to skyrocket (just as he promised during the 2008 Presidential campaign) because he will not let oil company’s drill; oil company’s and refineries are closing down operations in America and moving to globalist-favored countries like Brazil. Obama is also putting our coal industry out of business just as he said he would.

Can you see the parallels? Argentina was set up by their government in much the same way that George Soros, Obama and their comrades are setting America up.

A few more parallels on the destruction of Argentina…

Small businesses in Argentina where choked to death because they were being charged 50% interest on small business loans. Clearly the globalists were ensuring complete de-industrialization of Argentina. How easy is it for small businesses in America to get loans right now?

Argentina’s people never got justice and weren’t able to hold their corrupt politicians accountable because the politicians and courts/judges were all in on it and they had all the power. Sound familiar?

While Argentina’s people cried out for their “rights” and expected govt to give them what they were promised (jobs, food, etc.), the government, unions, globalists and public-private globalist corporations got wealthier and more powerful.

Obama, George Soros, Cass Sunstein, Hillary Clinton and their comrades in Congress are writing a new Constitution for America which gives government the power, not the people, to grant “rights” such as jobs, healthcare and food. Once they abolish our current Constitution (which purposely limits government control and places the power in the hands of the people) and institute their New Constitution giving government the power to give and take away our rights, the set-up is complete.

In election after election in Argentina, although the people voted, the candidates they chose from were all part of the global elites so it didn’t matter who won. As potential candidates here in America are being vetted, we see that Progressives pretending to be Republicans are plentiful… Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee included.

This is why potential candidates who know what’s going on, who want to restore our Constitution, and are against the globalists’ takeover of America… like Michelle Bachmann, Allen West and Sarah Palin… must be smeared and destroyed by our government-controlled media and globalist politicians on both sides of the aisle.

What’s happened in Argentina is important for us to know because we have a President whose actions are following the blueprint of destruction that befell Argentina.

America is now a heartbeat away from being sold out to the global elites just as Argentina’s government did to their citizens.

The following 12 part video series tells the tale. Pay particular attention to the American players and global corporations we’re all familiar with. Also notice that the people of Argentina kept waiting for their government to give what they promised and many died as they waited. It wasn’t until they joined with their neighbors and began to occupy land and work together to feed and take care of themselves and each other that they were able to survive.



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8 thoughts on “The Globalists’ Takeover of Argentina is a Blueprint for America

  1. Right here is the perfect website for anyone who would like to find out about this topic.
    You understand a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you
    (not that I actually will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a
    fresh spin on a subject which has been discussed
    for years. Excellent stuff, just great!

  2. The population revolted against military rulers controlled by the US that had kidnapped and killed many of their citizens and turned the country over to oligarchs! This article is totally wrong concerning the so-called globalists! It is the multi-national corporations that have bled Latin American, exploiting resources while suppressing local industry making them dependent on imported goods!

  3. not really sure i understand these videos. from what i gather, in the beginning, everything was state run. ( was ownership of private property allowed then ?)

    then, the population revolted because of poor economic situations

    the government then decided to sell off public property to private ownership

    and now they are blaming the companies

    seems to me they are confusing capitalism with state capitalism, or state controlled capitalism

    seems to me they are having a hard time figuring out that government and big business collusion wont work

    sadly, they will attempt to return to socialistic ideas of government run business again , returning as they say……….a dog to his vomit

    private ownership, with the equal enforcement of the law is the only way to produce a thriving economy that allows the population to climb out of poverty

    the politicians in these videos are either knowingly implicit in this, or ignorantly implicit………either way, the population suffers

  4. Trevor, We all know who Soros works for and with! The Rothschilds take a giant step towards their goal of world domination when the second, “League of Nations,” called the, “United Nations,” was approved this year. (So now we know who’s behind all the “good” works of the UN; and what their agenda is!)
    The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives!

  5. Great article — Many thinks … When you combine this article with the Healtcare Act and the Financial Act, you realize the path is the same as Hitler took with the “Enabling Act of 1933”. This blank sheet German legislation allowed him to take over Germany. Both of these US pieces of legislation were nothing more than having the regulatory agencies “fill in the blanks” to control the people.

    The flaw is they were not able to get the guns first.

  6. This is exactly the scenario I expect. It’s happening now, and I suspect it’s a pretty consistent historical pattern. The sad part is that US residents do not have a big picture view of the situation and focus national issues of division that are soon enough to become meaningless. By the time people respond appropriately, it’s already too late. Thanks for your excellent analysis.

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