Rumors of Beck’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Glenn Beck

By now, everyone has heard of Glenn Beck’s impending departure from Fox. Many, including myself, felt a profound sense of sorrow at the announcement. He has become a bastion of sanity in an ever increasing media whirlwind of lies, deception and propaganda. Beck brought facts, hope, morality and grounding to the American people, who welcomed him for the most part with open arms as one of their own. He connected with many of us on a gut level where we sensed the rightness of his insights. We learned to question everything and those, like myself, have literally morphed into professional researchers and hunters, exposing progressives and Marxists anywhere and everywhere we can find them.

It’s hard to gauge what is brewing at Fox these days, or to decipher the business logic they are employing. But, I for one, am not a loyal Fox fan. I’m a loyal Beck fan. It is strange that this would happen, considering Beck had the third highest rated show on all networks, attracting 2.2 million viewers a night. The left never had a prayer of even coming close to his viewership. I can’t imagine how this won’t hurt Fox, but their loss will be our gain, of that I am sure. Beck’s company has doubled in size this year alone and he will keep growing, using all available media and blazing trails the left will come to fear and dread.

Before Media Matters and the other leftists out there get overly giddy with their perceived victory, I have a few words of caution for you. Beck has not departed the national scene – far from it and his dance card is full. All of us – not just Beck – are gearing up to come after you ten times more than we have previously. We are not financed as you are, but we have something you don’t have – a love of country; a devotion to what is right and honest. Our research and our fight has just begun. When Beck says you will long for the days that he was on Fox, he means it. He will be reaching out to more and more to spread the truth to those who will listen. He is connecting with all those who will fight the bottom up, top down, inside out strategy of Obama’s goon squads. Soros’ victory over Beck is a false one – you have only encouraged him to follow his conscience and take the fight to a new level.

Since I don’t personally know Glenn Beck, I cannot speak as to what he will do next. But I can speculate. He will do comedy tours that will bring hope to many Americans, just as the USO tours did in previous wars. He will keep writing and his readers will multiple by the millions. I believe that Insider Extreme will grow more and more in educational aspects and specials. His radio show will grow in market share massively. I predict he will move to no. 2 behind Rush Limbaugh. He will do specials on Fox that will be hard hitting and stunning in their research and depth. The left will not be able to hide from what is exposed concerning their plans and the webs they so industriously weave. The Blaze will become a news powerhouse and I will relish its rise and the continued growth of the Beck media empire…

Here’s to you Glenn Beck! We are with you all the way and I look forward to the coming challenge and a good ole’ fashioned American fight. A bigger, better game has just begun and we are going to make it the most well-exposed chess board the world has ever seen. We’ve had enough of the lies and regardless of how our government tries to regulate and strong arm us to death, we will fight back. We will not roll over and meekly let you grind your boot on our necks. We want you to know, we bite… We will fight back against Marxism/progressivism with our last breath. You can take your global government and shove it. Let’s dance…


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18 thoughts on “Rumors of Beck’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

  1. Excellent article….Beck has become the “voice,” so long lost in the liberal leaning atmosphere.

    He will not “fade away” but the left will surely wish he had..

    Great things will come, Beck WILL reach the youth of this country. Adding retired CIA agents, military leaders and various professors to the mix, is shear genius.

    Someone on another blog stated that Beck IS the “re-founder” needed at this time in history.

    Who could disagree with that?

  2. There is power in unity. When we work together for a righteous purpose we enlist the power of angels. Have you ever worked on a project like this where you knew unseen forces for good were all around lifting you up with encouragement and ideas?

  3. Ditto on most of the other posts here, Glenn will be missed at 5, but since I follow him on the net, radio and TV, I have a few observations…

    The “left” understands that the youth are very important to reach. Glenn has stated as early as last year that he will focus on that part of the equation. Maybe through comedy like John Stewart or some internet project he can approach this. I think S.E. Cupp will be a great asset in this strategy. A “Red Eye” type of show would work for him.

    Another odd thing that has happened is the Apple Ipad/Iphone app that was supposed to be released in January has never been released…Why?? It might be a project that is still under wraps for a purpose.

    He also stated last year a coming children’s book that would be interactive in that you would identify with the nation’s founders in some way.

    Then there is his health. I believe that the teleprompters are becoming burdensome. He wears glasses all the time now on TV. There are other health issues that are also a mystery.

    Being a radio fan my whole life, there are few radio people that stick with TV and Radio within the same day. Glenn’s schedule is, to say the least, maxed out. You don’t have to play dress-up on the radio. Rush and Bill O’ have left TV and/or radio respectively for just one of the 2 and have become widely sucessful.

    Then there is his hint of organizing. Maybe something like Americorp is to the youth on the left, Glenn could do for young conservatives.

    Just some of my thoughts. Time will tell what direction he heads

  4. Thank you Trevor, once again we Americans can count on you and Glenn to get the facts straight. I love you and Glenn and God willing you will BOTH be around for a very LONG time to come.

    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU, to you both. 🙂

  5. I can agree that many of us would not be the advocates of freedom we are today without the influence of Glenn Beck. You can disagree with his conclusions, but the man bases all those opinions on facts – which the left never seem to be willing to argue.

    However, a few things to note. Fox did not fire Mr. Beck. Mr. Beck left them. This should not be a surprise to anyone who has been listening to him for at least the last year. He has left a fairly clear trail to clue us in to where he was headed. How many “Paul Revere getting off his horse” analogies does he have to share before we get it?

    I am fond of a saying that I think Mr. Beck also believes in, “Imagine what we could accomplish if nobody cared who got the credit”. Today, Mr. Becks message carries the baggage of his name. Imagine a scenario where Mr. Beck can get is message out without a clear association with him personally? Whether we are talking movies, road shows or documentaries, it is clear that Mr. Beck has been building a workforce designed to get his message out in ways that far surpass his Fox show.

    Finally, read his release carefully. While his show may not be continuing on Fox, his message clearly will as Mercury uses its recently honed skills to present their shows on Fox. At least, that is the way I am seeing it unfold.

  6. Glenn Beck did our country a phenomal service and I look forward to what he is yet to bring us.
    If not for Glenn many including myself would have no clue what a proggresive is, what a grip the marxist movement has on our education system, and almost every aspect of our government and our lives.
    We would not have that deep sense of Patriotism like we felt after 911,with the knowledge that our country and way of life are under attack, he has exposed the enemy within. He’s done it with brilliance, using their own words and actions leaving them with zero ablility to defend themselves. Instead they organize smear campaigns and astroturf boycotts.
    I contend that without Glenn Beck the teaparty would never have attained its status.
    As a father of two US Army soldiers,
    I solute Glenn and urge him to keep up the fight. And a fight it will be. They radicals been able to get this far going unoticed for decades,they will not give up easy and we must be willing to stand up to the challenges we face.
    I visit this site multiple times a day for the same reason I dvr Glenns shows. I crave knowledge. knowledge is power.

  7. I too felt my heart swell and leap with joy and relief when Glenn said that next year the left will be praying for him to just go back to FOX @5. I’m just glad for now I have dozens of Beck’s show DVRed.

  8. There has been so much deception from the msm, it’s difficult to take Becks departure. Concern that the powers-that-be @ Fox, given the pressures for pc/sponsorship ad dollars, did what corp. mgmt. does when it has a controversial employee (think military as well w/Sgt. Hassan) dangled a carrot to promote Glenn to be someone elses headache. My trust in Glenn’s integrity and honesty – given his statement that this move was his idea – has me anticipating this time next year, the entire left alliance will be soiling their pants and drown in the crap they’ve attempted to foist on us for decades.

  9. I love Glenn, and I love New Zeal. Both tell what is REALLY going on in this world.

    I can’t believe that everyone else doesn’t see it.

    Thanks Trevor!! As Glenns song goes…We will be the key!

  10. We will truly miss Glenn’s t.v. show. It is something we look forward to watching every evening. It takes precedence over all other shows in our house. Even our kids enjoy watching it and have learned so much from him. So much so that my daughter’s Social Studies teacher calls on her frequently because she is the most up to date student in the class with regard to politics. I just know there are bigger and better things coming to us from Glenn, but it is a bittersweet ending. We pray for Glenn every night and wish him Godspeed in his new endeavors.

  11. Glenn seemed to say that it was his own idea to leave his Fox Cable show, not that they asked him to.

    I hope he makes a movie or many movies to counter Michael Moore’s propaganda!

  12. I have not watched FOX since I heard the news of Beck leaving his program. I dislike that Fox blinked and went to their knees from some pressure…Not my kind of network..I will follow where ever Glenn is sharing the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The Foxnews/Glenn Beck release said ‘he was giving up his daily TV show’. When he left Headline news for Foxnews he wasn’t happy about the 5pm slot. Prior to him taking that slot it belonged to John Gibson as Election HQ and later became Election HQ with Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier until the election was over. I always thought Fox would have to shuffle his show around for the 2012 primaries/election.

    On Freedom Watch Beck looked into the camera and said something like, ‘I have a feeling that this time next year, the left will be praying that I was on at 5:00 pm again. They will be bowing at an altar of candles praying,’ Why?

    My guess is he will finish out the 5pm slot until sometime between late fall and his normal Christmas break of mid December. The left will be estatic. Then come January Shep will move to the 5pm Election HQ slot and Beck will go to the 7:00 pm slot. That was his old Headline News time that he mentions from time to time on the radio as the best slot for him + a lead in to O’Reilly.
    Just a thought. Guess we will know this time next year, eh????

  14. VERY well put . HUGE things to come , when Glenn says they will be crapping their pants in 1 year the hair on the back on my neck sticks up in utter excitement . I cannot wait .

  15. Indeed. I have cautioned many liberal friends to temper their piddle-pantied glee with an awareness that Glenn Beck is exactly the type of opponent they fear most and the best-financed efforts of George Soros may have sent the American Spirit directly into the briar patch.

    They’ll never see us coming.

  16. I honestly just love Glen, he is the brother I wish I had. When I think of all the crap they throw at him, it makes me sad, but I know it only makes him stronger.Trust in the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forever. Bridget

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