3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz vs Feinstein on Gun Control

  1. Senator Feinstein betrays her oath to support and defend the Constitution. She enriched herself by using her office to send government contracts to her husband’s businesses. She is a traitor and a thief. Any law maker for that matter who take action to make laws that are unconstitutional are using their power to make war on the people. I call this law warfare. Law war making is a violation of Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution: Treason is defined as making war on them…. The definition of “them” is not defined in Article 3. Some believe it refers to the government. I submit that the word them applies equally to the government and the People. The people are the embodiment of the Republic.

    In conclusion, Senator Feinstein and those other Senators who signed on to support her gun control legislation are committing treason. They must be arrested and tried for treason. All their accumulated wealth must be forfeited to the treasury.

  2. Well what can any one say about here views which are not my views as a USA citizen we have a constitution she should just obey it she forgets who she is working for we the people not we the sheeple she should step aside she is over the hill to long there destroying are rights if time vote here out or she will take the guns and what is left of the constitution and all other God given libertys one last note she has no true god in here heart at all she is full of pride pride pride a mortal sin and belittled that man who asked her one simple question will you hold true to the laws of the land read her lips it is no so many will fall into hell for affending God

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