Dick Morris on Video: the IMF Becoming America’s ‘New Fuhrer’

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

More on the Bankster Spring of 2011

This video was uploaded to YouTube on April 13, by dicmorrisreports. It carried the following caption:

Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it was going to hold nations accountable for their economic decisions and publish quarterly yardsticks to measure their success in adopting “appropriate” policies. Who decides what’s appropriate? The European central bankers who run the IMF. The United States will have to meekly comply. The next step? Sanctions against nations that beg to differ with the IMF — our new global Czar.

Video: Dick Morris Reports: The IMF Takes Over Our Economy

According to Morris, these metrics will be used by “the masters of America,” and “the new fuhrer of our economic system has just spoken….” The performance of all nations are to be governed by the IMF’s own Marxofascist dictates.

In the video, Mr. Morris goes on:

…what we’re talking about here is an international, global community of the bureaucrats and the bankers of the European central bank, controlling the global economy — telling us in the United States how much we should pay in taxes, how much we should do in spending, what we should make, what our economy should be regulated to do, essentially imposing itself as a Super Federal Reserve Board.

This surrender of Sovereignty is totally new. It happened under Barack Obama and it’s essentially a part of his goal, which is to make the United States a “citizen of the world,” subservient to the world.

Morris does not cite specifically, the “what,” or “where,” or “how” references of his information. More work for us.

And more Gulag America.

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4 thoughts on “Dick Morris on Video: the IMF Becoming America’s ‘New Fuhrer’

  1. William, I wish you were right, but you are not. America has already submitted itself to the IMF and you will see us jump through whatever hoops they place in front of us.

    Are the people as a whole for this? Of course not. But must are ignorant, lazy or too dumbed down to actually do anything more they say, “Hey, they shouldn’t be doing that!” as they spill the beer their drinking and get upset because they can’t find their remote control.

    I’m sorry to say this William but the game is almost over. They have successfully lulled us to sleep over the last 5 decades and now we are waking up… just a little too late.

  2. “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism,
    but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism,
    until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

    Does this sound like something you have heard? Maybe from the 50’s? Maybe a certain Soviet? Don’t think we are immune from the globalist’s plans. We must continue to be alert.

  3. Mr Morris, you need to read your history, the ‘Furher’s” of the past ages have all been relagated in the end to the dustbinds of the ages. If you think America will meekly submit to the demands of the IMF or foreign powers while the people themselves are still able to do anything, then you are wrong in more ways than can even be imagined.

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