Globalists Unveil Their Latest Scheme

By: Cliff Kincaid

With their own peculiar brand of a New Year’s resolution, the globalists are out with their latest plan – a Global Alliance to Defend Democracies. The feel-good ploy has two purposes – to divert attention from our own failing “democracy,” and to assemble a group of nations supposedly to contain Red China. It could attract the support of people who think there may be something salvageable in a potential Biden presidency.

But if Biden takes power, America’s “democracy” will lie in tatters. We will be a laughing stock around the world.

The proposal, once advocated by such personalities as John McCain, has now surfaced in the writings of Richard Kemp, a former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, under the sponsorship of the Gatestone Institute, a group associated with fired Trump adviser John Bolton.

Kemp reports, “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to use the G7 summit that Britain is hosting in 2021 to launch the ‘D10,’ intended as an alliance of democracies to counter China. His proposal is for the G7 group of leading industrialized nations to be joined by Australia, South Korea, and India. The focus would be on developing 5G telecommunications technology to reduce dependence on Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party as well as reliance on essential medical supplies from China.”

The G7 consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Referring to China Joe, Kemp adds, “President-elect Joe Biden put forward a somewhat similar initiative in 2019 and it is widely believed that he plans to convene a ‘Summit for Democracies’ in 2021. It appears his intention is broader than Mr. Johnson’s both in scope and participation, and that it includes promoting liberal democratic values across the world.”

China Joe will be promoting “liberal values” when his political party has seized power through electoral fraud and communist violence in the streets?

Coincidentally, the Streit Council has been fundraising for its own long-standing plan to create a “Union of Democracies” and declares, “As 2020 comes to an end, we are reminded more than ever of the importance of our mission as originally envisioned in Clarence Streit’s 1939 bestseller, Union Now. In an irrevocably interdependent world, personal and collective challenges are interrelated.”

Union Now is another world government scheme that includes a proposal for a global constitution.

Some of these ideas can be traced to a “Congress of Prague” that was held back in 1996 and whose goal, in the words of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was “the defense, entrenchment, and extension of our Western inheritance of freedom.” A list of the “International Advisory Board” members at the time included such people as William Kristol, the former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Mitch McConnell, the current Republican Senate Majority Leader.

Thatcher, who gave away Hong Kong to the Red Chinese, was identified as a patron of the Congress, along with Henry A. Kissinger.

In her memoirs, Thatcher had predicted economic change on the Chinese mainland would lead to political reform. She said, “’The Chinese belief that the benefits of a liberal economic system can be had without a liberal political system seems to me false in the long term.”

In fact, China’s dictatorship is more entrenched than ever before and is running roughshod over the freedom of its own people and residents of Hong Kong. Globally, China has devastated Western economies (but not its own) with the China virus.

The publication Axios reports that China’s economy is expected to grow by 8.4% in 2021. “China managed to become a post-COVID economy within months of the virus striking,” it says. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to sputter along, with many states in lockdown and going deeper into debt and financial turmoil.

Axios says China’s success stems from its communist dictatorship using a “centralized epidemic response system” very strict lockdowns, as “only one member of each household permitted to leave home every couple of days for necessary supplies,” together with “an effective and efficient nationwide contact-tracing program.”

In other words, communism works.

“How China Won 2020” is the title of the Axios article that celebrates the death and destruction inflicted by Chinese communism on the rest of the world.

Both Thatcher, a noted “conservative,” and Kissinger, an adviser to Republican and Democratic administrations, were terribly wrong on China. The CIA also got it wrong. Today, their adherents propose an “alliance” or “union” of democracies to counter China when China has effective control of Joe Biden and his family, in a country, the USA, that is supposedly the leader of the “Free World” but which has been characterized by rampant election fraud designed to take Donald J. Trump out of the presidency.

China Joe’s “Summit of Democracies” has a cheerleader in Jonas Parello-Plesner, executive director of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark. Corporate supporters include Google, Microsoft, the Atlantic Council, the National Democratic Institute, and the International Republican Institute. (The latter receives funding through grants from the U.S. State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy, a number of European foundations and aid agencies and other Western countries, and the United Nations.)

Curiously, this outfit has an associated entity, the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, that accepts the Biden presidency. (John Kerry is a member).

An alternative to these various “democracy” gimmicks, often cloaked in language about the dangers of Russian election meddling, is an international communist crimes tribunal targeting China and Russia. It could also expose communists operating on American soil. Professor Renato Cristin has made the case for such a tribunal in various publications.

This proposal was initiated by the Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky before his untimely death. He told me in an interview that the problem in fighting communism has been Western complicity with the communist regimes. China Joe, implicated by the Hunter Biden laptop in payments to his family from China, is an example of that. So is a member of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Eric Swalwell, who was publicly sniffing out Russian agents while allegedly sleeping with a suspected Chinese spy. Yet, Axios reports, Swalwell “is not accused of wrongdoing…”

“I was shocked,” he said. “Just over six years ago, I was told about this individual and then I offered to help, and I did help and I was thanked by the FBI for my help and that person is no longer in the country.”

All of this happens right before our eyes and is excused or rationalized by the intelligence agencies and the media.

The November 3 presidential election, also stolen in front of our eyes, is further evidence of this corruption. But the worst may be yet to come, especially if Mitch McConnell and other Republicans fail to protest the steal on January 6 and usher China Joe Biden into the U.S presidency.

Based on what Col. Kemp says, a new “democracy alliance” will be unveiled, supposedly to counter China. It may even be led by Rep. Swalwell. It will be a mask for further integration into a New World Order dominated by China.

Consider that Europe has just revealed a new investment agreement with China. Expect China Joe to follow suit, accepting crumbs from the Chinese as Americans literally survive on crumbs.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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