7 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan: Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale

  1. If the RNC doesn’t get Klavan as the keynote speaker at the next nominating convention, shame on them.

  2. A wonderful and creative bit of work. Unfortunately, satire is the refuge of the weak and downtrodden.

    It is reminiscent of some of the short protest films produced in Poland and Czechoslovakia during their occupation by the USSR.

    This is a sign of the destruction of our freedoms, because we may no longer successfully speak plainly about our leaders.

    1. If we wished that they were strong enough to stop their self-deception and recognise the monster Washington and its “friends” have become, then maybe. But it is easier when employed to pray for continued employment and no ripples on the pond as ripples get up your nose when that is all that is above the surface. Courage of action is something people rarely activate when they have others to which they are responsible. Better for many that there are no ripples.

      Not right, but they think it is better for them. Someone else, they think, will do it for them.

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