Executive Orders: Social Justice Executive Order Just Issued

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By: Maggie M. Thornton
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UPDATED – SEE BELOW. The Obama administration calls it the ‘diversity’ Executive Order, and while the EO itself doesn’t really define ‘diversity,’ we know what it means. It means Social Justice for anyone not White. How many years have we had Affirmative Action? The EO gives us another ‘council’ (think Super Committee, or ‘council’ as in Obama’s Agenda 21 Council known as the White House Rural Council). The ‘council’ will get it all worked out and let us know what ‘divesity’ in the case really means. See some stats below.



By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to promote the Federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Business Insider:

It’s about time, too.  According to the Federal Office of Personnel Management, minorities represent only 38.8 percent of the federal workforce and a mere 43.9 percent of the federal workforce is female.

It’s a national disgrace, but hopefully, this bold act of leadership will start to right the wrongs.  After all, if the EEOC has the courage to fight for the rights of dwarfs who can’t see over the counter at Starbucks, surely the Federal Government can ensure that there are more people of color answering the phones at the IRS.

Never mind that in 2010, 63.7% of the U.S. were White (and decreasing hourly), but if we get lucky we might have…what…50% of the jobs? (Update 8-22-11: just found the 2010 U.S. Census figures here, confirming the chart below)

White alone
(of which 26.7 million are White Hispanic and Latino Americans, see table below.
Excluding these, this category comprises 63.7% or 196.8 million)
223,553,265 72.4%
Black or African American alone 38,929,319 12.6%
Some other race alone
19,107,368 6.2%
Asian alone 14,674,252 4.8%
Two or more races 9,009,073 2.9%
American Indian or Alaska Native alone 2,932,248 0.9%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander alone 540,013 0.2%
Total 308,745,538 100.0%

Considering who pays taxes or should (those who work, or should), in 2004, 83% of all income taxes paid-in came from White taxpayers; Blacks 13%, Hispanics 10%, Asians 3.6%. That means 40% of taxpayers, even if they are zero-tax-filers, are other than White. If you think it isn’t relevant that Whites pay 83% of all taxes, even though we are only 63.7% of the population, including children who pay no taxes, (meaning White taxpayers number less than 63.7% considerably), then you likely approve of Social Justice.

Bunkerville is also talking about the Social Justice Executive Order, one for the EPA and one that freezes Syrian assets. I had a conversation with B-ville in comments. About the Social Justice EO I said:

These Executive Orders are a good piece of work for TEA parties and individuals sitting at home. We need to find someone to introduce legislation, not banning them, but defining what an Executive Order cannot do – for instance, override something congress has done or has chosen not to do.

The “diversity” order doesn’t really define diversity, so this gives all those Blacks in the DOJ the right to continue what they have already done – make decisions about not prosecuting voter intimidation and maybe voter fraud, if the offender is Black. It’s called social justice.

And about freezing Syrian assets, B-ville said this:

It just occured to me, since when does an Executive order ” freezes the assets of the Syrian government in the U.S., imposes sanctions on the import of Syrian oil and forbids American investment there. Does not require an act of Congress????

UPDATE 8-23-11:  I have found records from the Office of Personnel Management that gives the ethnic and gender percentages in federal hiring for fiscal 2010 (ending September 30, 2010).

Findings for FY 2010
The Federal workforce is 17.7 percent Black, 8.0 percent Hispanic, 5.6 percent Asian/Pacific
Islander, 1.8 percent Native American, 0.7 percent non-Hispanic/Multi-racial, and 66.2 percent
White.  Minorities as a whole constituted 33.8 percent of the FW.  Men comprised 56.1 percent
of all Federal permanent employees and women 43.9 percent.
Progress has been made with respect to the representation of women and minorities at higher
pay level positions in the FW.  The number of women in Senior Pay levels increased by 7.9
percent (from 6,341 to 6,839).  Minority employees in Senior Pay levels increased by 9.4
percent (from 3,709 to 4,059).
The Report shows the representation of women and minorities in professional and
administrative positions has also increased.  The representation rate of minorities in these
positions rose by 7.4 percent (from 332,934 to 357,468).  The number of women represented in
professional and administrative positions increased by 5.1 percent (from 505,111 to 531,062).

So why do we need an Executive Order, unless it is to make Obama look like he is doing something about jobs. Perhaps this is his jobs program. I’m thinking this Executive Order will be a pillar in Obama’s ‘jobs plan.’ I also think Congresswoman Maxine Waters told Obama to get his diversity on.



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4 thoughts on “Executive Orders: Social Justice Executive Order Just Issued

  1. “By the authority vested in me by the constitution…”

    *is* this constitutional? If it’s not…isn’t the document self-negating?

  2. I think the executive branch has already exceeded one diversity indicator. The percentage of criminals in government already exceeds the percentage for the general population.

  3. Social Justice is not about justice, it is about getting even. Next Obama will rename the White House to one of the following:

    • The People’s House
    • Obama’s hangout
    • The Regional North American Command Center

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