4 thoughts on “Will "Multi-Culturalism" Lead to Civil War in Europe?

  1. It's alright folks, don't feel left out, it's coming to America next.

    Multiculturism is the promoter of racism.

  2. Yeah… Thats called multiculturalism… It doesn't freaking work!!! And I want my child to be free from tyranny, US govt or Sharia tyranny. She will not cover her face, or walk behind her husband, or be raped or killed for showing her wrists or being "too americanized". No offense but you sound like an appeasing liberal?

    Sure war is Hell… But living under tyranny is worse!!

    Sometimes the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants!

  3. For sure America is not your land.. Infect no land is belong to us we just borrow it from our children.

    When we happen to move to different countries we need to adpt to way of living of the people in that part of the world neverthles to say people dont need to bring their way of living to different soils niether we need to promote it.. isnt that our probloms around the world… get over with it and find a common ground.. fighting will not solve problems .. We have learned with experiance from wars and conflicts..

  4. The sad thing is, Americans are going to let this happen here too! Even after 911. The bizzare thing is it seems to have sped up after 911. WAKE UP!! Sharia LAW, Islamization, "Honor Killings", are already HERE in the US!!! We are on the brink of either world wide civil wars or/and WW3!

    As a veteran, I am prepared, and they will regret F***ing with us in our own land.

    Thank you for helping to wake people worldwide to this Plague!!

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