Beck on the Spreading revolution

Another very good show from Glenn Beck.

At last Glenn  touches on who really benefits from chaos in America and Europe – Russia and China.

I hope Beck will spend more time analyzing the role of the West’s main enemies in Beijing and Moscow.


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7 thoughts on “Beck on the Spreading revolution

  1. To a previous anonymous poster. Our "presenter" never said Obama was in charge of this. Besides, how long would the US–or any developed country–have to be without oil before its economy crashes? It would happen before we could elect a different president.

  2. The last anonym…

    You are either a moron or a fellow traveler.

    No Oil=Instability
    Instability=(Communist) Revolution

    What do you think the "community organizer" in chief is preparing for?

  3. You stupid presenter is putting more fire to petrol.. your not helping… can you say this is a long term plan to throw out the present government…We all know the oil is the kind of our drive specially US..
    No Oil = instability
    Instability= change US presidency..

    leave us alone we want to live in peace….
    seems like Socoratese have said " you think you know but you know nothing"

  4. Even before Lubyanka and Beijing were the bankers in "The City" and the New York City.
    Just look who funded the bolshevik revolution.
    Those are the real "movers and shakers".
    Their goals did not change, only adapted.

  5. I agree, we need to know who is at the top of this long term strategy.

    It is not a man in a cave in Afghanistan, it has been generations of Soviets who have been plotting this from Lubyanka square and Bejing.

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