Young Communists Plan to Counter "Rightwing"

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The Young Communist League USA is getting ready to plan their role in the 2010 mid term elections and beyond.

YCLUSA leaders, 2010

On July 17-18, in the city of Chicago, the Communist Party and the Young Communist League will hold a two day conference followed by a four day school on young people today. It’s a chance to discuss and examine the main characteristics of today’s young generation, and what economic-social- political have influenced them most. What’s new and emerging? What adjustments does the party have to make in organizing among young people? Why do young people need their own organization?

This conference/school follows on the heels of the very successful convention of the CPUSA, where many young people participated, sharing their experiences, helping to craft party policy and to build the YCL.

Youth played an extraordinary role in the 2008 elections. The vast majority supported change over the rightwing dominated status quo. The Obama campaign/movement ignited a new spirit of youth activism and brought record numbers of youth to the polls. The desire for change and the spirit of activism among youth continues today with the worsening conditions of life brought on by the economic crisis.

The movement for jobs has to also focus on the November midterm elections. The extreme right is trying to reverse the results won in the 2008 election. They want a Republican rightwing majority in the U.S. House and Senate. They want to set the stage for a defeat of Obama in 2012.

The CPUSA/YCL conference and school will examine how both organizations can work to defeat this extremely dangerous right wing counter offensive.

Discussion topics at the school will include political economy, objective assessment of the Obama administration, the political balance of forces, the socialist perspective and the U.S., building unity and organizing at the grassroots for jobs and equality.

Despite its comparatively small size the Young Communist League has considerable influence in United for Peace and Justice, student governments, “community organizations and Barack Obama‘s organizing for America.

During Barack Obama‘s 2004 Senate run, Chicago YCLers were active in Youth for Obama, the League also threw all its resources behind Obama in 2008.


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8 thoughts on “Young Communists Plan to Counter "Rightwing"

  1. We should all copy and paste this Young Communist Party flyer/advertisement into an e-mail and send it to ALL of our MSM outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS; even our local PBS stations, and also (just to bug them with repeat emails with the same info)CNN & MSNBC!

  2. It is both stunning and insanity that the MSM and every Democrat pundit and mouthpiece tries to denounce that the Democrat party is rife with communists, socialists, anarchists, and anti-American deviates. Yet, they squeel like cry babies when they are pointed out.

    They have their gorups like this – openly advertising who/what they are – as they (other Democrats) try to deny it.

    The left is truly a collection of lying and deceiving degenerates – who has, and will placate/side with evil again and again.


  3. It's sad that these kids don't even realize that they have been brainwashed into believing that their cause is just.

  4. Great!

    The more these misguided Communist groups get behind Obama, the more they discredit him, and expose this far-left agenda!

  5. If the worst does happen and the USA is plunged into civil war by the attempted Communist putsch of the Obama Regime, I hope our Reds understand that we know their faces and where they live…

    Bill Ayers and other American Communists have said 25 million Patriots will be sent to GULAGS in the Southwest for "reeducation" under a Communist American Regime.

    Of course if the Patriots win a civil war, Bill Ayers and Company may find themselves above the Arctic Circle in Alaska in work camps.

  6. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. We are fools if we think that all is well in America. There are dangerous political groups like this everywhere. And the sad thing is that most of these kids are being educated in our universities. This should be a wake up call to those of us who are conservatives and who support and value our US Constitution.

    Great Article!

    Phill Wright,

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