Another Celebrity Socialist on the Soapbox

Actor, Hugo Chavez lover and Progressives for Obama founder Danny Glover, wearing his union activist hat, joined protesters as they attempted to drown out the Indiana Republican House Caucus on Monday.

Most Indiana Democratic House members are in Illinois to avoid a quorum.


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2 thoughts on “Another Celebrity Socialist on the Soapbox

  1. When will these pin-headed left wingers realize that they are out numbered as the conservative voters in the last Nov. 2010 mid election voted to balance the budgets of their cities/state ??

    The minor majority is only interested in lining their own pockets with "other" peoples money.

    This type of thinking/actions will only arrouse the silent majority to pounce down on them in time.

    The hammer is coming down ever so slowly, but it is coming down just the same.

    Will the left incite a civil war between the left and the conservatives in America? I hope not, but for me, I stand ready to fight for freedom against the people who want to redistribute the wealth of the American tax payers.

    Bring it on!

  2. More bullsqueeze from a has-been actor. History will prove once again that the left was on the wrong side.

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