"The Broken Window Fallacy"

I love the simplicity and power of free market economics.

This video dispels one of the maddest socialist myths of our time – that destruction of wealth stimulates economic growth.

If you are crazy enough to believe this – send me all your money today. I guarantee it will make you richer.

Note a little quote here from Nobel Prize winning marxist economist and JournoList member Paul Krugman,. According to Krugman, the destuction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 “could do some economic good.”

This video proves, as any five year old knows, if you want to create wealth, make new wealth.

Simple huh?

Not to a marxist economist it isn’t.


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4 thoughts on “"The Broken Window Fallacy"

  1. What drives me to the screaming edge of insanity is the progressive ideal that wealth is finite. It isn't! As long as there is innovation, there is wealth creation. The only fetters are the ones we create in our minds.
    It must be sad to be so mentally impotent. Poor, sad libs. 🙁

  2. for the marxist there is no "new" wealth… there is only the weath of labor and it is doled out by those who control it.

    thanks for your labors.

    al sends

  3. That video is genius in its simplicity and accuracy. Every school in the US should show the video at least once a year.

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