Anita Dunn?

Anita Dunn is the White House communications official charged with declaring war on Fox News and Glenn Beck.

She is part of Obama’s inner circle, an adviser almost on a par with security risk David Axelrod.

She is married to Obama’s personal lawyer Robert Bauer.

Glenn Beck nails Dunn with her own words.

To paraphrase Mao

“All insane drivel comes fronm the microphone of a Dunn”


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11 thoughts on “Anita Dunn?

  1. What do the Chinese posts say? I'd love to know what they think about our WH in love with Mao. Not sure if other media is covering this but Limbaugh played it on his show which is quite large as you know. Isn't this amazing? RIght out there in the open.

  2. I did a post on Anita, and the gleaming Washington post article over on
    Along with a letter to the pres and a few other gems I am sure you are well aware of… this would be so laughably ridiculous if it weren't so detrimental. It's getting a bit aggravating… that said, keep it coming Trev'!!!

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