"Terrorist" Arrestee Update

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A man arrested in last week’s police raids says he is not involved in any terrorist activity and claims to the contrary are bogus.

Rongomai Bailey who was released on bail on Tuesday, describes Tame Iti, one of his co-accused, as a passing aquaintance.

But Bailey will not say whether he has been to the Ureweras where police allege there have been military style training camps.

Bailey has protested against the Wellington by-pass, genetic engineering and the war in Iraq.

He told a news conference he is a concerned citizen, not a criminal.

I am not a terrorist, there you go. Happy?,” he says.

“I have never planned to injure or even touch anyone in a manner that would cause them offence.”

Bailey, who is charged with four firearms offences, was granted bail on Tuesday.

“I just think this whole terrorism thing is bogus. All only terrorism I know is done by the United States.”

Bailey says Tame Iti lectured at a Wellington design school where he was a student.

He says he later met Iti in Auckland, but they are no more than passing acquaintances.

“I lived upstairs from a cafe and a friend of mine would go to that cafe and one day Tame was there.”

Bailey says his friend was also arrested in the raids.

But he will not talk about whether he has been to the Ureweras or taken part in any military-style training camps.

Veteran human rights activist John Minto was with Bailey at his news conference. He is worried some people will use the recent arrests to bump up state powers.

When the dust settles on this, New Zealand will never be the same again,” says Minto.

New Zeal The “Wellington by-pass” campaign was largely an anarchist/Green Party affair, as was/is much of the anti GE movement.

Is Rongomai Bailey an anarchist?

Meanwhile, the anarchists at Indymedia have claimed that one of the 17 people arrested last Monday is a member of the Labour party. Helen Clark’s old Auckland University based Princess St branch no less.

I can reveal that one of the people arrested in the trumpted up terror charges is a abour party member.

Due to the current court suppression the name of the Labour party member cannot be revealed. Not only is he a member, he was also at the Labour party conference. He is also a member of Princes St Labour club along with Prime Minister Clark, her husband and Jonathan Hunt.

More coming soon.

The truth is coming out.

The quicker the better.


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2 thoughts on “"Terrorist" Arrestee Update

  1. There is indeed a Labour Party member among the arrestees, and he’s definately not a Marxist infiltrator.

  2. I’d have been surprised a few years ago, but now I know a few of the marxists who get attracted to young labour, it hardly seems surprising.

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