The Marxist/Muslim Alliance at Auckland University

The Marxist/Muslim alliance is a reality in every Western nation.

Here Joe Carolan and Omar Hamed of New Zealand’s most militant Trotskyite group, Socialist Aotearoa agitate for and win official Auckland University Students Association support and solidarity for “democracy” in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and Palestine.

Joe Carolan is an Irish ex pat, with strong connections to European revolutionary movements.

Omar Hamed is an half Palestinian New Zealander, also active in Students for Justice in Palestine.

He is still awaiting trial on firearms charges for alleged involvement in “Zapatista” style military training camps in the Urewera Mountains.


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3 thoughts on “The Marxist/Muslim Alliance at Auckland University

  1. It's disingenious to suggest that Joe Carolan and Omar Hamed "won" official AUSA support & solidarity for democracy.

    The motion, submitted by myself and seconded by the AUSA Welfare Officer who also happens to be an AU Jewish Society member, was "That AUSA supports and encourages students currently engaged in calling for greater democratic freedoms and an end to authoritarian regimes across North Africa and the Middle East".

    Joe and Omar spoke in support, but there was *unanimous* support from the student body present, including Jewish, Palestinian, Arab, left, right, and everything in-between students.

    I find it appalling that someone whose blog title is "Promoting liberty in New Zealand and beyond" could be so small-minded as to label this as the result 'Marxist/Muslim alliance'.

    Joe and Omar did go on to call for and pass a slightly more controversial motion (44-5-1), that AUSA support Students for Justice in Palestine's "Middle East Freedom Forum" on next Friday at AU. That event will be free for all to attend, with gold coin entry going to Red Cross for Christchurch, and attendees regardless of political affliation will have the chance to question SJP's panel about the movement in the Middle-East.

  2. Yea what kind of sick individual would advocate for the overthrow of military regimes and advocate replacing them with democratic governments.

    Thanks for keeping the fight for military backed regimes alive trev

  3. OMG, Trev — democracy in New Zealand! We are so done.
    Thanks for this (I think!).

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