Condell on Islam, Women and Human Rights

Check out this jaw droppingly un PC, monologue from British comedian and commentator Pat Condell.

No sugar coating or euphemisms from Pat.  Bravo.


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6 thoughts on “Condell on Islam, Women and Human Rights

  1. This guys is so right … women being sluts and whores is so much better.

    Nothing like kissing your wife who had dozens of penises in her mouth.

    Nothing like paying your ex-wife to slut/whore around while your presumed children are neglected.

    I definitely DO not want a civilized woman.

  2. It's amazing that my America, where many women willingly take their clothes off for anyone wanting to watch, plays host to a committee promoting women's rights opon which sit men from countries where they cover women so much that they virtually have no identity.

    We're living in a bassakwards world.

  3. Trevor,
    Thanks for posting that video. It was great and right to the point. We need more of that type of honesty throughout the world.

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