Rep Michele Bachmann On "Gangster Government"

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is very impressive.

Here she gets to the guts of what’s happening in America-“gangster government.”

Thanks to Ken.


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5 thoughts on “Rep Michele Bachmann On "Gangster Government"

  1. Rep Bachmann has consistently voted against Obama's bail-outs.

    Of course GM should have gone under.

    What Bachmann is criticising is the ballooning of 'crony capitalism'-a form of socialism, under Obama.

  2. These business's should have been allowed to take bankruptcy under our laws and not given a hand-out by the government-especially when they have been trained that the government should be all powerful- these are government options that Europe has realized does not work…People should have the right to risk their money and time and get the rewards of their business if the succeed.NOT THE GOVERNMENT

  3. Not a satisfactory answer to the point made above by GnTnZ I'm afraid. Just something of a right-wing hagiography really…..

    Keep on loving those brass balls Highballs !

  4. Welcome to the planned economy! My head hurts. Just another chapter in the Long March, my friend. Michelle is a hero of mine and I live near her district in Minnesota. A staunch anti-Socialist and enemy of Progressive (socialist) activists everywhere. She was vilified by Hardball's Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann and many other well known stooges in our media. She had the audacity to suggest it would be interesting to investigate the Socialist leanings of certain members of Congress and she got skewered for it. I love her for the brass b***s to shout it out. Minnesota is a hot-bed of radicalism, we being the historical Democratic Farmer-Labor DFL Valhalla of collectivist dreamers. Michelle is one of the good guys in American politics and she is not afraid of the heat she draws. Short of having the commie fighting J. Edgar Hoover back from the grave, I'll gladly take her unflinching attacks on the utopian rearrangement of our economic life.

  5. Definitely unamerican. Those dealerships should have all been let to go out of business the free market way like they deserved to. What would they be screaming about then – how the government didn't come and rescue them?

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