Communist Party USA Congratulates the People of Egypt

From the Communist Party USA website

The Communist Party USA congratulates the people of Egypt for their great people’s victory. After 18 days of popular protest led by the youth and joined by workers strikes and all sectors of society, you successfully toppled U.S.-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak.

We support you in your ongoing and just demands for a new democratic Egypt. The power of the masses in the streets will certainly ensure the transition to democratic civilian rule continues according to the demands of the people.

We are dedicated to helping fight for a new U.S. foreign policy and relationship with Egypt based on mutual respect, sovereignty, and peaceful development.

(Resolution passed at Feb. 13, 2011 National Committee meeting of the CPUSA.)


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2 thoughts on “Communist Party USA Congratulates the People of Egypt

  1. Communism hasn't ever worked why do those who promote it still after seeing Country after country fall under its control think it is going to work in the Unites States.

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