2 Million March on Washington

The positive side of the Obama Presidency is that millions of Americans have re-discovered what it means to be American.

Millions have re-discovered the US constitution and the principles that made American freedom an example to the world.

Two million of them marched on Washington yesterday to show the administration where Real America stands.

Thanks to Maria & Geri


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40 thoughts on “2 Million March on Washington

  1. Oh my God, I didn't realise just how corrupt the MSM is. Reporting that there were merely 200,000 people at the march when there were clearly more than 5 million protestors there.

  2. Steve,

    Shut it. Evidence is overwhelming of ACORN wouldn't mind accepting a pimp and a prostitute.

    Btw, you endorse bankrupting my country. That's the "greatest" goal of Obama yet.

  3. Tell me it's not a quantum leap from some amoral individual/s in ACORN, to Obama……tell me Obama is personally or constructively responsible……promise me you'll never seek judicial office……and I'll tell you when that shrieking, glassy eyed, effete wee number Glennis Beck is retiring from Fox.

    You'd be the ideal fill-in Mah Mah. Corrupt president indeed !

  4. Stop endorsing an obvious corrupt President. ACORN has been caught allowing pimps and prostitutes to sign up and receive government money.

    YOU think it's perfectly fine under Obama this is happening.

  5. Your pal Obama's organization known as ACORN has been accused of accepting prostitutes and their pimps as clients.

    Gee, really, if an organization like this was connectted with Duyba, you would probably whine about it, you snivling hypocrite.

  6. Consider this startling irony….. those, like Mah, who shriek "commie" at any notion of governmental regulation to limit the damage caused by unrestrained capitalism…..that is to say "greed"…..these are the very people who claim a moral high ground over those charged with mitigating the disaster caused by the greed they endorse.

    I'm reminded of JK Galbraith's identification of the eternal dilemma of the conservative…..to clothe selfishness in the guise of a higher morality.

    Mah and ilk really are immature, irresponsible people in this connection.

    Kia Kaha Obama !

  7. "But yesterday, someone told a real whopper. ABC News, citing the DC fire department, reported that between 60,000 and 70,000 people had attended the tea party rally at the Capitol. By the time this figure reached Michelle Malkin, however, it had been blown up to 2,000,000. There is a big difference, obviously, between 70,000 and 2,000,000. That's not a twofold or threefold exaggeration — it's roughly a thirtyfold exaggeration.

    The way this false estimate came into being is relatively simple: Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks, lied, claiming that ABC News had reported numbers of between 1.0 and 1.5 million when they never did anything of the sort. A few tweets later, the numbers had been exaggerated still further to 2 million. Kibbe wasn't "in error", as Malkin gently puts it. He lied. He did the equivalent of telling people that his penis is 53 inches long."


  8. Trevor you get tired of the Zeal and wanna cometo the US do it illegally. I am sure Hilda and all her ilk will love you and give your free benifits if Learn and speak only Spanis when you come. And bring your Obama file with you.

  9. Wow! Hilda is showing the true colors of teh liberal.I guess they only like foreigners when they enter the US illegally.

    BTW Hilda, the Democratic party may be the oldest political party in the world. Here's a little history of your party and it's origins but it will really damage your world view if you can actually critically think and validate for YOURSELF the documented history of your pseudo liberal party.

    The Racist History of the Democratic Party


    Classic Liberalism is what your Bastard party perverted and mutated into neo socialism.

  10. Mah Me Old Mate…..reckon you've got some definitional problems here…..I only like dissent when I agree with it…..?

    Well correct me Einstein but it wouldn't then be dissent….. would it…..if I agreed with it ?

    Get it right silly Mah !

  11. Trevor,

    Thank you!!! Keep up the good work!

    Uncover the scoundrels, the communist, the socialist, the criminals, crooks and cronies!

    And don't ever stop! We need more investigative journalism in America!

    Because the Obama worshippers and mouthpieces like Couric, Gibson and Williams of ABC, CBS and NBC are no longer performing their functions as watchdogs of the government. They are now lapdogs licking Obama's "teabags" with AndersonCooper of CNN.

    Thank you and everyone that has helped you.

    And thanks to all the others posting against the nutjob robots from the far left kook places that are paid for criminal Billionaire George Soros dimwits.

    It appears the estimate is from 1-2 million from multiple sources.

    The movement of Liberty to oust the oppressive Socialist robots and some Commies like Van Jones from our nation is on the move!

    Liberty over Tyranny! Freedom over self-appointed Despots! and We the People over lost souls who reject true freedom in the name of fake free services that are NEVER FREE!

    There is no such thing as a Free Lunch!

    1. Steve,

      Hearing you say “Obams is the only force between America and fascism” tells me you are so VERY uninformed, uneducated, and unintelligent OR you are a communist, socialist, and maybe a Muslim. Anyone who cannot see who Obama is and what he stands for is either stupid or believes in who he is and stands for!!!!!

      These are the people America needs to come for after Obama’s reign!


  12. I heard reports of up to 3.5 million, which may or may not be counting all the buses of people stuck in traffic in DC and others who were crowded out!!!

  13. jaws: thanks for that first hand report. I would have loved to have been there and am so proud to be an America….silent majority no more!


  14. My, my Hilda. You seem afraid. You should be.
    I've attended many venues of 70,000 people and this was many times over again of 70,000.
    Our bus dropped us off about 7 blocks from Freedom Square at 8am because of congestion. People were streaming in on both sides of the street. Freedom Square began filling rapidly. Volunteer organizers quickly got the Revolutionary band members out front on Pennsylvania Avenue and started the march toward the Capitol 1-1/2 hours early. I was fortunate enough to be near the front of the march.
    Sounds and the vision of this occasion were dramatic. The drums along with patriotic songs echoed between the federal buildings. Japanese tourist were shocked at the scene and were snapping picture after picture. They were absolutely floored.
    As we arrived near the Capitol grounds I notice that there were only about 50 porta-potties. I remember thinking that someone should call to order more – many more.
    I was shocked to see that the west lawn was already about 50% full. My patriotic friend and I positioned ourselves some 50 yards from the stage and began meeting people around us. They were from California, Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona (big union guy), a black lady from Mississippi with a sign 'Glenn Beck for President', a guy from Tennessee that thumbed to DC and camped in the woods along interstate 95 and a young black gentleman from DC that was there to meet new friends because his had abandoned him. There were as many Gasden Don't Tread on Me flags as there were Old Glories (that's the American Flag Hilda).
    Keep up the good work Trevor. We real Americans appreciate what you do. Communists Valerie Jarrett and Axelrod should be the next to go.

  15. Apparently we do need foreigners "poking their noses into our business." There is no other source within our borders of the USA to out a COMMUNIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE. It is foreigners like Trevor that we need very much. The truth is a preciously sacred thing, and we need all the eyes we can to spot it.
    -Thanks Trevor!!!

  16. And who exactly are you Hilda to decide who or what trev 'sticks his nose in'?.

    The utter arrogance of the left like yourself will eventually cause it's downfall.


  17. @Hilda,
    It is funny how you do not seem upset with this foreigner (due to his education, origins and bolshevik associations) in the WH, who may not even be qualified under the Constitution to be president, yet you are upset with bloggers exposing the sewer this guy surrounded himself with all his life.
    People like you do not even deserve to live in the USA.

  18. You're only off by 1,930,000.

    Pathetic that you clowns have to make up fake numbers.

    60-70,000 according to the DC Fire Dept.

  19. Trevor we are trying to figure out more about the Honduran UN ambassador Jorge Arturo Reina. Greta Van Sustern from FOX new is in Honduras interviewing the interim president and wants help determining if this ambassador is a terrorist. Have you heard of him?
    Greta posts at http://www.gretawire.com

    🙂 flyover

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