7 thoughts on “Niall Ferguson on Obama’s Handling of Egypt

  1. I watched (and DVD'd) this interview live on Monday morning. Remarkable! Dopey Micca (or, however she spells it) was stunned, as were the other drones around the table. Mr. Ferguson's analysis of the administration's actions was so devistating that MSLSD had Micca's "genius" father on this morning to "neutralize" Ferguson's performance. Whew! It was a great bit of political hack theater.

  2. Anonymous, so are you saying that BHO was "groomed" to be the president when he was as young as 10 years old? Who do you think is behind all of this, and why won't the FBI do any follow-ups? Then there's the question of Tim Geithner – he was involved too when he was a young boy? This is getting curiouser and curiouser, and I am very intrigued by all of this!

  3. Yes, TL. To the best of my recollectin (40 yrs. ago), it had to have been the start of my soph year in h.s. because I remember telling a mutual friend who later went on to attend college on an ROTC scholarship. She denies remembering, at least that's what she stated although, when I told her about Geithner and reminded her of the other information, she asked me if I was afraid for my safety. Family member asked me the same thing. NO, I am not afraid. The people who put this puppet in charge should be afraid of the righteous indignation of defrauded voters.
    The strange thing is that the drug dealer initially told my class mate that Barry was about 16, then 13, and when she met him she thought he was big for his age, but not 16. This thug may have known Barry's 'people' from time he spent on HI.
    Barry also did not have a SS# and my class mate was later contacted again by her employer and was asked if she knew how Barry could get a SS# without a birth certificate. She was dumbfounded and asked over the telephone, "What do you mean he doesn't have a bc? How can someone not have a bc?" (My friend and I got our SS# at the same time by presenting our bc's at the SSA for our first jobs, and our numbers were consecutive which is why she knew my SS#). My friend asked her older sister to ask her friends about the SSA regs. in their states. Someone got back to the older sister with information that you didn't need to prsent evidence of a bc in CT, and a mailing address, if needed. Barry deferred applying right away for the CT SS#. His Selective Service Registration has a CT SS# on it, as reported by D. Schussel on her website.
    It may interest you to know that one of Bill Ayers' girlfriends (before Bernardine) was Joanne E. who attended Decatur Public Scools. Joanne E. and her parents were surveilled and interviewed by the FBI. J.E. was advised by the FBI to drop Ayers and the SDS. J.E. was the source of alot of Ayers' early ideas and rhetoric; he called her his 'brain.'
    You may choose to believe or not o believe, but I have tried to give these facts to the FBI and the are not interested in doing anything about the occupant. I want these people brought to justice, prosecuted, incarcerated and the media to admit that they were culpable in foisting this phantom candidate upon the gullible voters. At this stage of my life, I am more concerned about the direction of my country and the preservation of her freedoms and world supremacy than threats of Alinsky-style ridicule.

  4. Bravo, Mr. Ferguson. It appears that this President's sympathies for Mislam clouds his judgment about the Moose Limb Brotherhood.
    In 1971, Barry came into the U.S. to Decatur, IL and compulsively told strangers that he wanted to be the president of this nation even though he wasn't born here. Barry stayed with a known drug dealer and his family before going north for important meetings with important people. When I stated my objections to his presidential aspirations, I was threatened by this thug through a class mate who was paid to babysit his children. She divulged my name, SS#, home address, and other details. He told her to tell me hat he'd discredit me if I ever told what I knew. Since the DPD was already aware that this thug was dealing drugs, I did not report him and he was late run out of town. Recently, I contacted my old class mate and she did not deny Barry's visit. I contacted the FBI, but they consider this controversy a political matter and will not do anything to bring the truth to light.
    In 1970, Tim Geithner and his family sans father came to Decatur, IL and Tim had detailed knowledge about Barry, including his many names, Arabic study of the Koran in Moose Limb garb an SAD's plans for Barry's impending move to HI.
    If these people are working for the U.S. government, why was I threatened in 1971? No, I do not trust Barry's sympathies for the MB or his ties to Communists. Too much information has been suppressed, leading one to question all of his actions, statements and lack of judgment.

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