New Zealander Secures Top Socialist Position

The Standard reports;

Jacinda Ardern, former Young Labour president and political advisor, has just been elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth – a group encompassing socialist, social democratic and Labour Party youth organisations from more than 100 countries.

IUSY is a massive organisiation and holds consultative status with the United Nations. This is a huge achievement.

Aged 27, and hailing from Morrinsville, Ms Ardern is just the second female IUSY president in 101 years. She was elected uncontested at IUSY’s world congress held in the Dominican Republic yesterday.

IUSY is the youth wing of the Socialist International.

Once the SI barred communist parties from joining or participating in SI activities, but that has changed in the past fifteen years.

Now the SI has been so penetrated by “former“, current and semi-communist parties that the distinction has been lost.

In 2007 June Jacinda Adern represented IUSY at a meeting of the in Geneva.

Member parties in attendance included;

Socialist Party of Albania-reincarnation of the hardline communist Albanian Party of Labour

MPLA(Angola) ruling ex??? commununists

Bulgarian Social Democrats-offshoot of Communist Party

Bulgarian Socialist Party-reincarnation of Communist Party

New Democratic Party (Canada)-strong crypto communist element

Dominican Revolutionary Party

Hungarian Socialist Party-reincarnation of Communist Party

Democrats of the Left (Italy)-ruling reincarnation of Communist Party

Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party-absorbed Latvian Communist Party

Lithuanian Social Democratic Party-formed from merger with Communist Party

Party of Democratic Revolution (Mexico) absorbed several communist factions

Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party-ruling reincarnation of Communist Party

Sandinista National Liberation Front (Nicaragua)-ruling former??? Marxist-Leninists,

Pakistan People’s Party-communist origins, communist infiltrated

Democratic Left Alliance (Poland)-reincarnation of Communist Party

Social Democratic Party (Romania)-offshoot of Communist Party

African National Congress (South Africa)-ruling party, infiltrated and dominated by South African Communist Party

Guest parties included;

Workers’ Party (Brazil)-ruling crypto communist party

Cambodian People’s Party-ruling communist party

FMLN (El Salvador)-communist dominated

Iraqi Communist Party

Polisario Front (Morocco)-pro communist

Consultative individuals or parties included;

H.E. Mahmood Abbas-Hamas President of the Palestinian National Authority

Fatah (Palestine)

Former Helen Clark staffer, Jacinda Adern is going places.

Not sure I want the rest of the country to follow.


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3 thoughts on “New Zealander Secures Top Socialist Position

  1. Touching naivety anon.

    Since the days of NDP founder Tommy (the Commie)Douglas, the NDP has been dominated by the far left, including some hardcore marxists.

  2. I’m a Canadian. I assure you that the New Democratic Party does not have a strong “crypto-Communist” element! I can’t imagine where you got this idea. It’s a middle of the road social democratic party.

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