4 thoughts on “Ted Nugent on Gun Control

  1. If such common sense were the norm,as it once was,there is no telling the impact on crime and state budgets and as an after effect,taxpayers. It's allready proving how effective it can be when you consider that the people responded to Obamas election by buying up as much guns and ammunition as possible.Nobody knew this guys intentions for this country.As a positive side effect in a time when the likelihood of crime going up because of the economy and so forth,crime has actually gone down.There is a theory that Americas gun ownership is most likely having dampening effect on terrorists activitys also.Thanks Ted,love ya man.

  2. Here, here.

    If you believe you have the unalienable right to life, you must then believe you have, not only the right but the RESPONSIBILITY to DEFEND that life, the lives of others and yes, your PROPERTY.

    It's a fundamental, human right that every human WORLDWIDE has as a birthright. It precedes the establishment of government. It is NOT subject to government approval or infringement!



  3. Mr. Nugent is completely correct. For any anti-gun folk, what is your argument against the right to defend your own life, family or property?

    Mr. Nugent is also quite good on the guitar…

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