Marama Mayrick, "Terrorist" Suspect Named

From TV1 News

The police have asked the Solicitor-General to review the evidence against those arrested in the so-called terror raids.

The police want to know whether there is enough evidence to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

It comes as one of the 17 people arrested in the raids a fortnight ago was released on Monday on bail.

After two weeks in jail all Marama Mayrick wanted was a mass hug from her supporters.

Mayrick is the latest terror suspect to be granted bail and one of the few the public is allowed to see and hear from.

When asked by ONE News what the last two weeks had been like, Mayrick replied: “They have been quite surreal to be honest. My life has been turned upside down. I have been in shock for a long time.

Police first raided her flat in Hamilton two weeks ago only to find that Mayrick was staying with her parents in Ohope, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Her arrest was part of raids around the country but she says police knocked instead of barging down her door.

Maybe it’s because I am white middle class,” she says.

Mayrick was jointly charged with five firearms offences and on Monday freed on bail. But she is saying little as to why she was jailed in the first place.

Police believe Mayrick attended at least two training camps in the Ureweras and ONE News can reveal she is the link between a community house raided in Wellington and the raids in Ruatoki.

Mayrick grew up in Whakatane. She knows Tame Iti and also used to visit the community house while studying in Wellington.

Mayrick’s bail conditions are strict – she must live at her Hamilton flat, she has a night curfew and isn’t allowed to associate with Iti or any of the other co-accused. She can go to her parents’ house in Ohope but is not allowed to enter Ruatoki.

She is, however, allowed to see her boyfriend Louis Galloway and that is who the last and longest hug was saved for.

It’s been very stressful. I’ve missed her a lot but she’s a strong person,” says Galloway.

Terrorist or not, Mayrick says she will now go home and tend to her garden while she awaits her day in court.


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