Communist Party Supporter – "Obama Will Open the Door"

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Unlike some “fairweather friends” on the left, the Communist Party USA has never wavered in its commitment to its “friend” Barack Obama.

The Party has backed Barack Obama for many years and recognizes that he has the potential to deliver the “change” they have campaigned for since their foundation in 1919.

While leery of making open statements of support for the President, in the current political climate, the Party still likes to send little signals to its supporters from time to time – to keep the troops on target.

The latest comes from Michigan Party supporter, Kae Halonen, a “red diaper baby”, with roots in the “Red Finnish” communities of Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest.

Halonen was recently in Seattle to visit a relative. While there she attended a July 18 Peoples World benefit picnic in Gennessee Park.

Kae Halonen addressed the assembled comrades, quoting the “progressive evangelist, Rev. Don Wallis”, that basic change requires two things: a mighty movement that “knocks on the door” and someone inside willing to “open the door.” Some on the left, she said, “don’t understand that we need someone who will open the door...George W. Bush would never open the door no matter how hard we knocked. President Obama will open the door.”

The Communist Party aims to lead a “mighty movement” against the U.S. government, but like the Greek army outside the gates of Troy, the know they cannot succeed without inside help.


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7 thoughts on “Communist Party Supporter – "Obama Will Open the Door"

  1. You must have meant, Rev. Jim Wallis, not Don. It's been plainly apparent for some time that he's a Marxist. They've been knocking, but it's not Obama's door to open. Let them try though, because the US citizenry doesn't bend it's neck for any one or any thing. This will be an occasion when these lily livered Marxists get their asses handed to them. I'd rather die fighting them, than kneel to their social disease.

  2. Obama and his czars are doing everything they can to destroy this great Country and if we the people don't open our eyes and stop HIM the Country we now know as The UNITED STATES will become the "FALLEN UNITED STATES" Harry Ried, Nancey Pelosi and Barack Obama will become the DEATH of this great nation if we don't Stand up Peicefully and VOTE these FOOLS out of office!!!!

  3. Are you on meth or something?
    The CP in Washington state is about as militant as the Quaker movement. Get a grip. There is no conspiracy to topple the government. Tinfoil is to go on food, get it off your head- you look foolish.

  4. im afraid my friend that obama has opened every door in washington except for people who believe in the constitution. i urge eveyone who wants to know who obama really is to read the book manchurian president by aron klein. there's a man who is a real journalist.

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