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New Zeal has arrived!

I thought only mega-blogs were honoured with this kind of treatment.

My anarchist buddies have set up a piss-take of New Zeal-called…New Zeel.

It’s run by some fascist clown named Trevour Loudoon.

It’s a bit of a crack up, with informative postings such as;

Taking the communism out of your sex life

All about NZ Libertarianism, exposed

Exclusive evidence that links leftists to Satan

Check it out here.

There’s no site meter, but I’ll be gutted if the buggers get more “hits” than I do.


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10 thoughts on “New Zeel -Online Now

  1. Thanks guys.

    I’ve noticed that the cheeky wee monkeys have changed the names all to Trevor Loudoon.

    Must have been reading these comments.

  2. If they are using your correct name in a fake blog, they are breaking internet and blogging rules. With correct use of your name to catch search engines, this shadow site is no longer a spoof but a deceit and a forgery.

  3. Trevor: They have in the “about me” piece a Trevor Loudoon or some such, but they sign the posts Trevor Loudon.

    It’s a nice light touch to set up satire, but it’s hard to be funny about lunatics playing with molotov cocktails and assault rifles.

  4. Trev, I’m ashamed to admit that when a link to it turned up in my inbox and I went there, I must have read it so quickly that I honestly thought it was you taking the piss out of yourself and left a comment congratulating you on your sense of humour (which I do really admire).

    I think this makes you and David Farrar the only bloggers in NZ with sites dedicated to attacking you, so you must be doing some good out there!

  5. “Yeah only a filthy leftist would go around calling their opponents fascists.”
    So Redbaiter is a leftist. Man that just shook my world.

  6. Typical of Leftists to call their opponents “fascists”. They’re closer to the Fascists than people on the Right are.

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