Open Letter to Young Worker’s Party Members

Every Clubs Day, dozens of young people at Victoria, Auckland and Canterbury Universities sign up to the Workers Party.

You agree with the 5 basic platforms of the Party, pay your dollar and you’re an official revolutionary.

Most will go no further, but every year a tiny few become committed converts to the Maoist cause.

You meet Philip and Don and Daphna and Mark and Jared and Byron and Sam and Nick and….

You go along to Marxism 2003-4-5-6-or 7…

You march for peace in Iraq, you join in solidarity with “locked out” workers, you volunteer for UNITE, you go along to film evenings and you learn about the revolutions in India, Nepal and Philippines.

Speaking of India…

Workers Party member Jared Phillips writing in The Spark 4.11.04

An historic merger has taken place between the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) [Peoples War] and the Maoist Communist Centre of India. Today they are the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The fusion took place on September 21 and is a result of a half decade of reunification work. Both organisations were the living continuation of the Naxalbari uprising which shook the Indian establishment during the 1960s, and has inspired the revolution in Nepal….

While some organisations took the road of peace with imperialism, the fused organisations continued to work with and mobilise masses of the peasantry in India against feudalist landlords and governments. The fused organisations had continued to accumulate arms and build people’s armies….

This fusion is exciting news for the international anti-imperialist movement and class fighters everywhere.

It’s all great fun isn’t it? You’re a rebel. you’re different, you’re liberating the third world.

Well your friends in India, “liberated” this man. They also liberated the people shown here. They’ve liberated thousands more living, breathing human beings. People with wives and daughters, husbands and sons, fathers and mothers.

It’s all just a bit of a lark really-until you see the bodies.

Your Party supports some of the cruellest murderers on the planet. Third world Maoism is one of the most barbaric and brutal movements ever to blight this world. From the Khmer Rouge, to Sendero Luminoso, to the Naxalites, the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)-they’re all dirty killers.

Is that what you signed up for when you paid your dollar?

Do you really want these guy’s crimes on your conscience?

Seems like fun now? How will it feel when you’re 40?


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18 thoughts on “Open Letter to Young Worker’s Party Members

  1. Now we know.
    Communists are not real men and have no balls. Thanks Trevor for improving our knowledge of the world and raising the standard of debate.
    And thank goodness ACT members have got big balls – they have havn’t they ?
    Good oh.
    I don’t suppose ACT women have big balls, but they could not expect to be counted as serious players could they.
    I mean, not having any balls. Balls are everything. Don’t you ever go under the razor Trevor. Because if you lost your balls where would you be?
    Reading Emily Dickenson?
    Running your fingers through an ovregrown cold wet silver beet patch?
    Lining up to join the Service and Food Workers Union?

  2. now that Maoist/facsist Mugabe has enlisted Maoist/facsist Angolan thugs to continue beating/killing/torturing Zim citizens,who under Mugabe’s enlightened/benign dictatorship struggle to afford even maize bread,one waits bated breath for the latest pathetic justification/apologies(some hope)from the wooly headed ivory towered apologists of murder.

  3. I raise it anon, because brave Don certainly reads this blog and has hasn’t hesitated to criticise me on past occasions.

    I bet he’ll be singing the high notes from now on.

  4. Hmmmmmm. “Don and co” have apparently had their nuts razored away because they are not rushing to post counterclaims on Trevor’s blog.
    Pretty lightweight test of political manhood if you ask me.
    Treovr, various trotskite and Workers Party protestations aside, this is actually still a free country. So you can set yourself up like a sideburned victorian headmaster in his study waiting for the bad boys to fall in line and come in to be caned if you like.
    Just don’t fall into the pathetic trap of imagining that because you go to the trouble of setting up a blog it then has some sort of political authority.

  5. Falafulu-Judging by the rush to defend their party on this post, Don and co went under the razor some time ago.

  6. Trevor,

    How about encouraging the male members of the Worker’s Party to travel to Zimbabwe to investigate Mugabe. They will be taken for castration straight away once they get off the plane.

  7. No Cameron’s post was not “spot on, articulate, intelligent”. It was a word-for-word copy of what Trev wrote but with the hated Amerikkka in place of the Naxiltes (cos after all, they are just as bad right?).

    We call this ‘moral equivalence’ John, and it’s a bullshit debating technique very common on the extreme left.

    You call yourself a ‘non-marxist’ then John what are you?. Are you an ‘anarchist’ like Cameron?, can you not bring yourself to condemn the Naxilites?, do you approve of their cause? (because after all, any means necessary to fight capitalism right?)


  8. Camerons post was spot on, articulate, intelligent and following the same logic as trev’s – brilliant. Me thinks two can play the same game.

    John (a non marxist)

  9. Just love that bullshit moral equivilancy cameron.

    It’s the only debating style you leftists have.


  10. So what Cameron is saying is that the supporting the US is exactly the same as supporting Stalin/Hitler/Mao/Pol Pot etc etc.

    Somehow, despite it sounding very clever, I don’t think so.

    Have you ever left NZ Cameron? Just wondering.

  11. lol-you’re a cheeky sod Cameron. I reckon the Maoists had the right approach to you anarchists.

  12. Open letter to Act on Campus members.

    Dear AOC friends

    Every year the ACT Party visits University campuses to try and recruit new members. You’ll meet David, Helen and maybe even Trev and if you’re really blessed you’ll see Rodney. When ACT used to actually have conferences you could have attended them. You might turn up to Radical Youth events occassionly wearing ‘Enjoy Capitalism’ t-shirts and find that some of the anti-capitalists are wearing them too.

    This group may seem harmless but please be aware that the ACT Party strongly supported the US led war on Iraq. A terribly destructive war that was sold to the public using lies and has since killed 655,000 people or so. Children have been blown apart by cluster bombs and burnt by white phosphorous dropped by US forces. While you may think the war was about bringing democracy to Iraq, it was actually about tapping Iraq’s oil wealth and making big profits for companies like Halliburton. As George Orwell once wrote “war against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they’re going to profit from it”.

    The US state, that ACT wants us more closely alligned with, is the only country ever declared a ‘terrorist state’ by the World court. Since 1945 it has bombed 22 countries, killing millions. The US state along with NZ strongly supported the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia that wiped out nearly one third of East Timor’s population (a slaughter proportionately greater than that of Pol Pot). Former ACT leader Richard Prebble was a minister in the fourth Labour Government that happily stood up for Suharto and to make matters worse continued to recongise the Khmer Rouge as the legitimate government of Cambodia, after the Vietnamese liberation.

    Do you really want all this on your conscience? Is this why you paid your $2? People would probably respect you more if you saw the light and left at this stage.

    kind regards
    Your friend
    (a non-Maoist. He doesn’t really like Mao that much because during the Cultural revolution Ba Jin, a leading Chinese anarchist, was terribly harassed and imprisoned. Not to mention the other stuff, which thanks to Trev you should all know about).

  13. Typical of these sort of people. They are just like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, et al who have all “liberated” people by killing them. Yet there are no mass demonstrations against them.

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