Van Jones Proves He’s Still a Revolutionary

From The Blaze

Communist and former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones proves he’s just as much a revolutionary socialist as ever, at the Facing Race Conference, Chicago, September 28, 2010.

“We can’t just leave the Federal Government in the hands of our enemies and expect to make a lot of progress….”


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2 thoughts on “Van Jones Proves He’s Still a Revolutionary

  1. The "enemy" he speaks of is of course the Constitutional "Posterity", by whom, and for whom this country was founded and to whom it rightfully belongs.

    He is here as a priviledge provided by the 14th Amendment, a "cognatic" citizen adopted into the "host" body politic.

    The country was not founded for him, he was adopted into it after-the-fact and granted "statutory" equality by Congress through the Civil Rights Acts. He is here as a "guest" in the house of the host.

    Even though he has availed himself of this country's generousity and hospitality, he hates our founding principles for not originally including him and is pursuing a vendetta to destroy it, even if he has to go down with it in the end.

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