10 thoughts on “Rick Barber for Congress

  1. Tak178, if you didn't catch the meaning, congrats! You're in the 20% who identify as collectivists!

    For the other 80% of America, advising folks to “gather their armies” is not calling for armed rebellion. It’s simply advising people to be prepared for whatever comes: “gather your armies” refers to the legions of faithful and patriotic Americans who have had enough of the bullshit in Washington DC.

    have a nice day

  2. Do not attempt to explain the basics to idiots like, "Tak178" who is a freaking fool. Fools are a waste of DNA.

  3. The only people who take the "gather your armies" line literally are leftist loonies. Most people on the right understand that this is in the context of an election. After all, it's an ad for a political candidate.

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