On Behalf of the Middle Class, an Eight-Count Indictment Against Democrats, Republicans and Crony Corporate Interests

INTRODUCTION: DACA (and amnesty generally) is again at the top of the news. The outcome of this political battle is is a matter of existential importance for our nation – for if any appeasement toward the immigration aggressors is allowed, those concessions will prove not just irreversible, but consummate a secured beachhead for the invaders; the harbinger of a larger invasion to follow. The stakes are that enormous – thus, it may be not coincidental, but a providential sign that the movie “Darkest Hour” is currently in theaters – for though different in detail and manifestation, the outcome for our nation of decisions currently being made by President Trump are as potentially consequential as those confronting Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he faced the National Socialists (the “Nazis”) as they were poised to invade Great Britain.

This because, amongst other dangers, we confront our own invasion, occupation and then conquer by those who will not assimilate to our way of life and history, whose masters will demand that we succumb to their preferred version of Collectivism: Progressivism rather than National Socialism.  An invasion not by military force, but attributable to the fact that the Progressives, by means of  their political arm the Democrat Party, have weaponized demographics to create an army of illegal aliens, intending to legalize them and with that achieve the electoral conquest of this nation – as has been exposed by Trevor Loudon. An expeditionary force of illegal aliens is already on our territory; legalizing their status will be how they conquer.

We need President Trump to be our Winston Churchill; to “hold the line” against those who pursue appeasement and surrender for, as Churchill declared: “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

During the political debate let us not lose sight of the fact that each and every illegal alien is a trespasser – including the so-called “dreamers” – we owe them nothing!

The following legal maxim is taught to students in every law school in the country: “hard cases make bad law.” What that means is that judges must decide particular cases by their heads, and the rule of law, rather than by their hearts – even though applying the law to certain individual cases may lead to heart-rending results. To do otherwise would ultimately negate legal precedent and thus, the rule of law and the principle that the law will be applied equally.  The Progressives would have us follow “bad law” in the matter of the so-called “dreamers,” giving amnesty (citizenship) to all, merely because hearts are tugged by those who were brought here as small children and grew up here.

But we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that the Progressives / Democrats have cynically manufactured the “heart rending” case in the form of the so-called “dreamers” – because had our border been secured after the 1980’s amnesty deal, as the American people were promised, those “dreamers” wouldn’t be here in the first place!  The Progressives pulled a scam, always intending to make the presence of masses of illegal immigrants here a fait accompli leading to mass amnesty.  If the “dreamers” have a beef with someone, it is with La Raza and the Democrat Party and Progressives in general for using them as pawns in a great game to illegally import a Democrat voting bloc.

The Progressives / Democrats are responsible for the “dreamers’” plight; the American people owe nothing to those trespassers.

To surrender to the “hard case” of so-called “dreamers” is to make a mockery of our rule of law – particularly since this entire “hard case” was created in the first place by the “advocates” who have effectively nullified our borders, our sovereignty, and ultimately our nation as founded – we must stop and reverse their nullification.  Essential first steps include not surrendering on DACA, and closing the anchor-baby loophole (a/k/a “birthright citizenship”) that at present neither party is even discussing.

To drive-home exactly what’s at stake, following is an unabridged version of On Behalf of the Middle Class, an Eight-Count Indictment Against Democrats, Republicans and Crony Corporate Interests – one of the “communiqués” from my 2016 book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. This subject is of such importance that in that book this author omitted having an acknowledgement section, and placed this before the Introduction, so that people using the “Look Inside” function on Amazon could read it even if they did not purchase the book. As you will see, this particular “communiqué” is formatted much like a criminal indictment against various of our political and corporate figures because, it can be well argued, criminal charges for crimes against the Republic and against the American people is exactly the consequence that they should face:

On Behalf of the Middle Class, an Eight-Count Indictment Against Democrats, Republicans and Crony Corporate Interests

EXHIBIT 1: The ever-increasing importation of low skilled labor from outside the U.S. – by the tens of millions – increases the supply the supply of labor, and so lowers its price overall (the “law of supply and demand” applies to labor as well as goods and resources).

EXHIBIT 2: The welfare system – “Earned Income Tax Credit,” plus subsidized housing, plus food stamps plus subsidized healthcare via Medicaid and Obamacare premium subsidies (i.e., welfare in its myriad forms) – an “entitlement” for laborers and their dependents – means that millions of laborers are willing to accept wages far lower than they would if they had to cover those personal expenses directly out of pocket. This applies to both illegal and legal labor, including but not limited to so-called “refugees.”

EXHIBIT 3: These downward pulls on labor compensation inevitably cascades up through the middle class; it is a form of “trickle-up” wage stagnation – and job loss.

EXHIBIT 4: If an American is to lose their job by it being outsourced to a foreigner willing to work for less, it is better to lose it a foreigner that is still overseas – in China, for instance – than to a foreigner who has broken into this country and is operating as a domestic-based foreign worker. For one thing, at least the foreign-based foreigner is working there legally – and more importantly from the American workers’ standpoint – at least that foreign-based foreign worker isn’t anchoring his or her children onto our welfare, education and health system. In doing so, that domestic-based foreign worker is adding insult to injury to American workers who are forced to pay taxes equivalent to several thousand dollars per year to support each and every anchor baby produced by the domestic-based foreign workers (not to mention taxpayer benefits also provided to the so-called “dreamers,” such as in-state tuition rates).

EXHIBIT 5: Because the domestic-based foreign workers take the jobs “that can’t be shipped overseas,” and because most of them are on the low skill end of the spectrum, their job taking grabs the jobs that tend to be the first rung of the ladder of upward mobility. Thus they have a harmful, disparate impact upon American minorities – the very Americans who desperately need such jobs in order to commence their pursuit of the American Dream.

EXHIBIT 6: As a result, employers get to pay wages substantially lower than they would in a labor economy undistorted by welfare; the “savings” become “profits” and go directly to their bottom lines (and so owner executive compensation). Cruelly, the American middle class is forced through taxes to pay for the welfare – forced out of their hard-earned paychecks to subsidize the very system that is suppressing their wages.

EXHIBIT 7: Increasing corporate taxes won’t alter this dynamic since on a net basis corporations don’t actually pay corporate taxes. Rather, it is the last person or entity in line pays the tax, i.e., the final consumer, because the gross taxes paid are built into the sales price. By sheer numbers of final consumers this means that in the end it is the middle class that pays the bulk of “corporate income taxes.” (Note too that middle class consumers are also forced to pay sales taxes on those corporate taxes built into the final sales price.)

EXHIBIT 8: When it comes to taxes, it does not end there. The middle class, by its sheer numbers, also pays the bulk of income taxes (since about one-half the population no longer contributes, and there are too few rich to carry the freight – Democrats’ demagoguery notwithstanding).

EXHIBIT 9: Thus the middle class is being squeezed from below by suppression of wages (due to the foregoing), and from above (the tax burden imposed by Washington, D.C.). Little wonder that by many estimates middle class incomes, on an inflation adjusted basis, peaked in 1973 – over forty years ago!

EXHIBIT 10: Corporate interests’ longstanding promotion of illegal immigration, work permits and, ultimately amnesty (a/k/ “a path to citizenship”) is motivated by their desire for unjust enrichment at the expense of American citizens and American sovereignty.

EXHIBIT 11: Republican and Democrat officeholders’ solicitation of campaign donations and post-office sinecures (e.g., K-Street lobbying positions) – in return for providing the critical lawmaking – whether enacting enabling legislation or declining to enact restricting / enforcement legislation, or refusing to enforce existing law – which is necessary to consummate the Corporate interests’ scheme for unjust enrichment at the expense of American citizens and American sovereignty

EXHIBIT 12: The Democrat Party and affiliated groups have promoted mass illegal immigration, “anchor babies,” “family reunification,” amnesty and “multiculturalism” (i.e., non-assimilation) for purposes of accomplishing permanent majority of Democrat voters and/or implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy via the demographics of mass immigration and an open arms welfare state. The cumulative effect being deleterious to the middle class, if not leading to its ultimate demise (middle class disillusionment and despair are explicitly stated goals in the book Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals by Democrat hero Saul Alinsky).

EXHIBIT 13: In promoting a “pathway to citizenship” for those who entered illegally, and/or who illegally remained in our country, the conspirators have worked to defiling the very nature of citizenship. For foreigners mere presence in the United States of America is a privilege, not a right. Citizenship even more so – for an immigrant to be granted it is the highest of privileges – and should be granted only to those who from the beginning of their citizenship quest have done so in accordance with our laws, but who also are committed to in heart and mind fully assimilating to be Americans. The conspirators instead have worked to make entry and citizenship a mere economic transaction, and one controlled by the whims and desires of those who are not citizens – indeed thanks to the anchor baby loophole foreign national women currently get to unilaterally decide whether or not their babies will be American citizens, without the consent of the American government or American citizens. In other words, they’ve worked to cheapen and degrade that very concept of U.S. citizenship to the level that it’s essentially free for the taking to anyone who wishes to walk across the border.

EXHIBIT 14: In promoting “comprehensive immigration reform” a/k/a amnesty, the conspirators – Democrats, Republicans, ethnic advocacy and corporate interests – have over several years represented that accompanying that would come securing the southern border of the United States of America, and impliedly asserted that “comprehensive reform” was the only (political) means to achieve border security. In fact, such security could have been implemented at any time without the need for new or additional laws, much less “comprehensive” legislation. The conspirators – Democrats and Republicans in particular – could and should have secured the border several years (if not decades) ago, and had the means at their disposal have done so at any time during the intervening years. Moreover, they could have eliminated one major attractant to illegal aliens by closing the anchor baby loophole – and for decades have refused to do so.

It is also the case that had the conspirators previously secured our borders, as a political matter it would now be easier for them to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” and a “path to citizenship for those already here” – for a majority of the public would be less opposed, and might even support, if it were confident that the problem of illegal immigration was contained and of a fixed, identifiable quantity – which can only occur if the border is verifiably secured, and remains so for a number of years. (In fact, had secure borders been in place for just a few years before, the “Gang of Eight” scheme of 2013 might well have become law.)

Thus, the fact that to this day the conspirators have refused to secure our borders, even though that would further their stated goal of “comprehensive immigration reform,” evidences that they never had any intention of ever securing our borders, and de facto were holding the promise of border security hostage as a means to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” a/k/a amnesty. In other words, the participants conspired in a political “bait and switch” scheme, in the pursuit of which oaths to defend the United States were compromised and violated, middle-class and poor Americans’ economic well-being was harmed, and the security of the homeland against terrorists entering this country was deliberately compromised.

Their refusal to secure our borders – and refusal to even consider closing the anchor baby loophole all while misrepresenting the need for “comprehensive immigration reform” – constitutes conspiracy to defraud the American public, using false pretenses in an attempt to enact “comprehensive immigration reform,” and conspiracy to promote human trafficking by deliberately maintaining unsecured borders.

COUNT I – CONVERSION: In the end, each of mass immigration and the welfare state constitute a form of corporate welfare. As the bulk of the opportunity costs (lower wages than would otherwise be the case) and direct costs (taxes necessary to support the welfare state) are borne by the middle class, the result is a massive, involuntary and unjust transfer of wealth from the middle class to corporate interests. A transfer of wealth that has been taking place for decades and which with each passing year becomes ever greater, and so ever more egregious. This constitutes conversion of the hard won, and honestly earned wealth of the middle class of America.

COUNT II – FRAUD: Representatives of both political parties – Republicans and in particular Democrats – have for decades represented to the middle class that welfare programs are intended to alleviate the effects of poverty in America, and to “lift people out of poverty.” In fact, those programs have proven ineffective in doing so, and the fact that the programs are not reformed to make them effective, but instead are expanded and multiplied into new ineffective programs, evidences that their primary purpose is not as has been represented to the American public – but rather are intended, at least in major part, to perpetuate subsidization of lower wages. This constitutes bipartisan fraud against the American people.

COUNT III – HUMAN TRAFFICING: The deliberate enticement of uneducated individuals from other countries to illegally cross the border of the United States of America, and to illegally remain in the United States of America, inherently and even more egregiously for purposes of unjust enrichment – all enabled by a planned, intentional and multi-decades long refusal to secure the borders of the United States of America – constitutes human trafficking.

COUNT IV – VOTER FRAUD: The solicitation of individuals from other countries to illegally enter and remain in the United States, and efforts to promote their unlawful voting via opposition to “Voter ID” laws, constitutes voter fraud.

The efforts to have individuals from other countries to illegally enter and remain in the United States, and once they reach a critical mass of tens of millions to provide them with “legal status” to vote, and so determine the outcome of elections, constitutes voter fraud against those who are eligible to vote by entirely legal means, i.e., without any intervening illegal conduct on the “path to voting.”

COUNT V – SOLICITATION & BRIBERY: The solicitation and acceptance of in-office, and post-office monetary and non-monetary rewards by elected officials, in return for acts and/or omissions in violation of their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States – which impliedly if not explicitly includes upholding the sovereignty of the United States by ensuring the security of its borders, and the integrity of its election system, constitutes solicitation and bribery.

COUNT VI – CONSPIRACY: The collaboration between corporate interests, elected officials of both parties, and even international interests (to send their people here so they’ll get on our welfare system and send remittances back to their home countries), constitutes a conspiracy – racketeering – against the Constitution of the United States, against the sovereign integrity of the United States, and against the lawful citizens of the United States of America.

COUNT VII – CONSPIRACY TO AID & ABET TERRORISM: The collaboration between corporate interests and elected officials of both parties to intentionally keep the borders of the United States insecure, so as to enable the mass transiting of millions of illegal aliens, even as they know that this porous border simultaneously allow terrorists to enter the United States virtually at will and in numbers unknown, constitutes conspiracy in furtherance of international terrorism. Additionally, the mass importation of “refugees” – that law enforcement admits cannot be adequately screened – constitutes the willful importation of terrorist operatives and sympathizers. In this, the corporate interests and elected officials are acting as accessories to terrorism, with malice aforethought, for this making inevitable terrorist acts within the homeland is something that they knew or should have known would be a consequence of their acts.

COUNT VIII – TREASON: The totality of the conspiracies between corporate interests and elected officials of both parties related to the intentional undermining of the sovereignty of the United States, and consciously exposing it to acts of terrorism, potentially even including weapons of mass destruction, constitutes treason against the United States of America.

Mr. Wigand is the author of Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracywhich is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.  Comments or questions for Mr. Wigand may be sent to: communiques@use.startmail.com – he will make every effort to personally respond to every email.


Author: Thomas Wigand

Thomas C. Wigand is a citizen patriot – trained as an attorney and hailing from Florida – who in in his own small way is fighting alongside stalwarts such as Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid and David Horowitz. Fighting alongside they and all other patriots that recognize the existential threat posed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Collectivism: Progressivism; Socialism; Fascism and Communism. Mr. Wigand is the author of the book "Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

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11 thoughts on “On Behalf of the Middle Class, an Eight-Count Indictment Against Democrats, Republicans and Crony Corporate Interests

  1. Charges must and should be filed as soon as is possible.

    An open letter of grievance to all who take, have taken,and will take an Oath of office to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America, and to those that have done said same within the individual states, territories and possessions of the United States of America.

    Through your inaction of not upholding that oath it is that I wish to have put forth a claim of treason and sedition in the name of the true citizens of said same in my name and the names of all citizens.

    It is the Oath takers of this country that we the people put our trust and our children’s future. You have made a conscious decision to not protect us from our enemies within and outside our country.

    You have also chosen to hold your own self interest over and above those of the citizens when when working with organization, industries, and individuals on our behalf, this includes and is not limited to bribes, positions, gifts to curry favor from said entities.

    The claims put forth above also apply to government workers whether by order of superiors or on your own.

    Any consequences of these charges are of your own doing and accountability should be whatever the laws allow.

  2. Mr. Wigand,
    Finally someone in a more public position than I hold has called for charges of Treason to be levied against all who give aid and comfort to the enemy by encouraging people to come here illegally, and make no mistake the illegals are our enemy. Then to add insult to injury, those same traitors gave benefits to the illegals, another crime.

    So file the charges and get on with it! If the traitors are found guilty, then hang them which is the law and they know it.

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