Lockett Defended

I got this email last night from Don from Australia, defending arrestee Jamie Lockett.

I read your Blog with a fair amount of distain for your views and idealistic
theory on how we all should be governed and how we can all achieve more
freedom as such.

My feedback to you is on Jamie Lockett, whom in my view you are condeming by
association with others.

I have known Jamie Lockett for over 25 years now, from the years he spent
living in Melbourne Australia. He is a well educated and well disciplined
guy, in his earlier years he spent many hours a week keeping himself in peak
physical condition and learned a number of the martial arts achieving Black
belt status in a number of these. Over the years Jamie has used his size and
body strength as a business tool for many business ventures which a vast
number of society dont know or understand. Including that of debt collecting
and tracing people who “skip out” of making financial payments for debts

He later beacame a body guard and “minder” as is referred too for high
profile business people who for reasons of there own find the need for
personal protection.

Jamie has never been a “radical” or outspoken political activist in any way,
he has simply been a guy using his talents of size and strength to build a
business in his life.

If you knew the guy personally you might appreciate he is no more radical
then Fred Dagg ever was.

So get off your hobby horse and judgement pedestal and get to know who you
talk about before passing judgment.


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32 thoughts on “Lockett Defended

  1. Thanks Angela, Mark, Amy, Peter and Sarah. With your support and a handful of others I’ll continue to fight the Po-LICE and caughts. As for you John and others spreading false hoods and innuendos, give me your full and correct address for service. 140 arrests and counting,Jamie cannot it be stopped. The Po-Lice are afraid of me now as are the caughts. Ive taken on Black Power, Headhunters and Mongrel Mob and won every time, they all fear me too. fish your next to learn the wrath of Jamie. I laughed when that HH got taken down too. I am a soldier and warrior wether you like it or not. FTP

  2. So how did someone who declared war on New Zealanders not be deported of hung for treason? I hope he has sorted himself out and realised how good he and other NZers have got it.

  3. Very amusing which basically sums up Lockett. Someone who is really the laughing stock of a nation. A little difficult to take him seriously when it is all so amusing. Jamie’s fall from grace never really happened he has always been at the lower end of society in more ways than one. Bought up as a spoilt rich kid when he had to stand on his own two feet he couldn’t resort to intellect and in turn thought he could get away with intimidation and bullying. Anyone who has been a victim of this should make a complaint with Police. I unfortunately got involved with him a few years back and ultimately like everyone else that has been involved with Lockett he managed to destroy lives. Anyone in their right mind would keep him at arms length it seems everything he touches turns to custard.

  4. My Dad is a good guy, when I told him I’m a working girl he offered to be my boss. He’s just misunderstood trying to do the right thing by people but he always meets the wrong type of people. Dad won’t judge you until you do wrong by him. It seems though so many people almost everyone does the wrong thing by him. I love you Dad. I hate that you are locked up and weren’t able to see you for xmas. All because some young boys said something that you didn’t do but the PoLICE and the caught believed them. Oh and I saw Peter out with another guy too so best to move on I think.

  5. New Zealand’s terrorist Jamie Lockett who declared war on New Zealanders and said white men are going to die in New Zealand. That he is training to be a commando. This guy is anti New Zealand and New Zealanders why can’t we revoke his citizenship? Perhaps we can deport him to Syria or Iraq where all those commando skills he’s learnt could come in handy? A person with this mentality should be locked up and the key thrown away. He is pure evil nothing more nothing less. Rot in hell Jamie Lockett.

  6. I heard that too. I’ve said before he is not radical but joining ISIS would indicate that he is a changed man and not for the better.

  7. Jamie is a colorful person, all the colors of the rainbow who holds a special place for his Tangata whenua, fight on oh glorious warrior bring the government to their knees we are counting on you to rise up. Good luck with your caught case. Congrats to you and Peter for being together for so long.

  8. Apparently the guy who tried to hijack that plane from Brisbane to Bali is a relative… No surprises they’re both are dumb asses getting attention through their stupidity.

  9. Please don’t portray Jamie in a negative light, he has been an amazing advocate for Gay Rights ever since his time in prison. Jamie the strength of your convictions will prevail just hang in there and don’t hate the haters, we all love you.

    Ian, Rob, Kris and Stu x

  10. I’m so big and butch I’m a one man army except when it comes to you Peter then you can be the butch one x. I’m proud to be gay and I can be a lover and a fighter x I can beat any gang members ass in more ways than one

  11. I have met Jamie Lockett myself personally and have known for long enough to know that he does use his size, strength, intelligence and martial arts skills to achieve what he wants to achieve and yes maybe he might be a bit wacko at times but only knowing him from age 13 I think that he is a good role model.

  12. Well done hunny we are all proud of you for being so brave and strong. This is the new you being able to fight Government and PoLICE through you being so articulate and educated.
    It’s Christmas Day and you are free. Waking up next to you feels so good, can’t wait to give you your Special Christmas present x. Love you inside and out x. Peter

  13. Anonymous says blah blah blah again repeatedly. it admits it is a poLICE Force person.

    Your readers can now see with their very own eyes a poLICE person casting aspersions and false innuendos behind the veil of anonymity.
    Just like what happened to myself and the Tuhoe Maori.

    If this anonymous person is serious about what they say let them come forward and put their real name to it, accompanied with their correct address for legal service.

    poLICE persons such as this liar should be removed from the Force immediately. The readers here should not put up with this. In my experience NZ poLICE such as this are as common as LICE. The New Zealand po-LICE organisation is crawling with them.

    This Lockett bashing is what i get whispered in my ear most times I am arrested, which is now over 130 times. This, coupled with perjury (leading to false imprisonment),Kidnapping, torture, grand scale theft of my property, Business and Document Destruction. Destruction of my homes, boats,family, armed home invasions, and numerous serous assaults upon myself by the NZ pooLICE against me.

    That is just SOME of the injustice that I have incurred while challenging the banks (banksters) to prove their debt [mortgages], which by the way they CANT. We have also learned that their bills of exchange are inchoate.

    The NZ poLICE and NZ Government and the NZ Law Courts are operating with no heralded jurisdiction, and therefor are illegal. They are counterfeit. This is THE GREAT LIE and deception that we (not me)live under in New Zealand.
    I live on NZ not in it.

    I believe Mark Lyon did not write that.

    Jamie Lockett

  14. Jamie, is still in court fighting against being evicted from a Former Black Power gang pad.
    He is still in a long term relationship with Peter.
    Jamie is a hero and fights for what he believes in.
    Since 2010 he has been a string advocate for gay rights.
    Thanks Jamie, I hope you and Peter enjoyed your holiday getaway.
    X mark

  15. Jamie, in the media you are portrayed as a fool and you know it. Can I ask what has given rise to your hatred of the NZ Police? Was there a single event or person that sparked it all off?

  16. thanks Amy, what a joke the last anonymous person said, I was acquited of the MAF male assault female charge the otherday, the judge found the complainant to NOT be credible, on drugs AND a liar, the 65k cost to defence [me]the NZ poLICE will have to pay as i am about to send them a bill along with 100 arrests NO convictions to the Attorney general, plus the terror trial is coming UP in march next year AND ill beat that one as well as the pooh-LICE have NO evidence, they trespassed jamie

  17. Jamie Lockett likes it up the arse that’s the reason he keeps wanting to go back to jail! Seriously this guy is new zealands biggest loser … The guy is narcissistic and a woman beater

  18. haha i laugh at the comment above, just because you locked someone up a few times, doesnt mean that you know them all that well!! he is not a brat!!
    he is a loving, caring man, whom alot of people respect. he will protect the ones he loves to the end.
    i take my hat off to jamie.
    he is the best uncle we could of asked for.
    know before you judge!!!

  19. i locked jamie lockett up numerous times, he is without question the biggest loser you could ever come across. he has the mental age of a 12 year old immature brat. there is another forum at http://www.cops.com.au where they are talking about him too. he is not intimidating just stupid and angry.

  20. This chump has been defending this person on every forum and blog-site around that has mentioned Mr. Lockett. Seemingly civil in his attitude here, on other sites he’s prone to making threats (gameplanet.co.nz no less) against anyone offering a differing opinion of Lockett’s actions and behaviour.. Don’t waste your time reasoning with this person.. (Or is that ex-patriot?)

  21. I too knew Jamie in Melbourne and in London. Good on you Don! I agree whole heartedly with yor comments. Well done defending Jamie.

  22. Mr. Loudon wrote.. re Jamie Lockett

    “…. learned a number of the martial arts achieving Black belt status in a number of these.”

    “…. Over the years Jamie has used his size and body strength as a business tool for many business ventures which a vast number of society dont know or understand. Including that of debt collecting and tracing people who ‘skip out’ of making financial payments for debts owed.”

    “…beacame a body guard and ‘minder’ as is referred too for high profile business people who for reasons of there own find the need for personal protection.”

    IMO, this is NOT the kind of person I want to see loose in this country with Automatic Weapons…. which are supposed to be illegal.

  23. you say know the person before passing judgement. I say know the facts about whats going in OUR country with these radicals/criminals before defending them.

  24. * “I’m training up to be a vicious, dangerous commando”
    * “White men are going to die in this country”
    * “I’m at war. I’m declaring war on this country very soon”

    Jamie ‘Moderate’ Lockett.
    Worth reading for the mention of the Maori birth certificate alone. That’s a step up over the old driver’s license.

  25. “Jamie Beattie Lockett, 46 of Takanini, who faces three charges under the Firearms Act is a friend of Iti’s.

    Lockett allegedly provided security to failed Auckland businessman Mark Lyon and is currently seeking private prosecutions against a number of public servants later this week.

    Lockett is involved with a Maori sovereignty group that has issued him with a new birth certificate. The warrant lists a raft of military paraphernalia the police are looking for including tactical assault backpacks, combat uniforms, goggles, body armour and a red dot scope.”


    Knowing a little of Jamie myself, what is wrong in what Mr Loudon has written? He has merely cited facts and has drawn no conclusions

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