4 thoughts on “"Goodbye Sweden"

  1. Right on. "Political correctness" is the excrement of Marxism, a "divide and conquer" strategy and when adopted is a "self destruct mechanism" for the "host" society.

    "Nations" are founded upon principles of "unity", not diversity. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Sweden is there for the benifit of Swedes only. All others in Sweden are guests in their house.

    The law dictionary definition of
    "nation" is a society of blood relatives of the same race; professing a common religion; and speaking the same language. Communism regards ALL races, colors, creeds, and national orgins as equal.

    When a "nation" adopts aliens into its fold it is on the condition that they assimilate into THEIR culture and become a part of their national family, not dismantle their country to accomodate these intruders.

    Wise up people!

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