3 thoughts on “Penn&Teller Expose Obama’s Tax "Bullshit"

  1. Wow.

    Don’t get me started on Bush….

    Lol, what a parade of ignorance that was…

    I liked the part with porky pig.
    Hey, if you can’t make a good point, why not mock him?

    Do I think Obama has all the answers?
    But I know he’s a hellofa lot better than that MAVRICK of a MAVRICK Mr MAVRICK… blah whole thing make me sick…

    and FOX is “Fair and Balanced”

    This is all 1984 over again and you actually think there’s a difference between the parties.

    My how naive we are…

    I only posted since I saw someone else post and ignorant blog video and thought I’d give you my two cents.

    How mad are you? Are you gonna delete me post because it doesn’t suit your opinions? Let’s see piggy….

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