Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is a Liar and a Communist Party "Friend"

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has been caught lying – on tape.

When Questioned by Minnesota radio show host Chris Baker, on 100.3 KTLK Radio at 6.00 am, December 2, 2010, over evidence that Ritchie was a “non party friend” of the Communist Party USA, the Minnesota S.O.S. evaded the question and called the allegations as “political attack” and “horsepuckey”.

Here’s part of the Communist Party USA document that names Mark Ritchie as a “non party friend”.

For the full four-page document go here

For my five previous articles on Ritchie’s communist, socialist and George Soros ties, go here.

Mark Ritchie is not only a secret friend of the Communist Party, he is now a proven liar.

Mark Ritchie makes a big deal of the fact the fact that he was “resoundingly” elected by the people of Minnesota. True – but if every Minnesota voter knew of Ritchie’s Communist Party ties, would he still have won?

Would Mark Ritchie’s Wellstone Action advisory committee colleague Al Franken be a Minnesota Senator today had not Mark Ritchie not overseen the 2009 Senate election recount?

Will Mark Ritchie’s Wellstone Action advisory committee colleague Mark Dayton become Minnesota Governor with the help of another Ritchie supervised  election recount?

Mark Ritchie should be made to answer these charges properly – preferably under oath.

Please circulate this video and blog post to every Minnesotan you know.


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2 thoughts on “Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is a Liar and a Communist Party "Friend"

  1. For question about Al Franken-stein, no if not for this communist Richie at the helm he's not a senator.We had better decide to OVERWHELM THESE COMMUNISTS while they are such a small percentage of the population.Also Trevor I sent you an e-mail I recieved about julian assage's arrest asking me to petition congress for him, it was from demandprogress.org. a Soros funded org.hmmm. Anyway I sent it to your contact at the g-mail account which apparently is dead, any update?

  2. I'm frustrated that Chris Baker allowed himself to be intimidated by Ritchie. All he had to do was to ask direct questions such as, "Did you attend the CPUSA meeting in 1999?" or "Was your 2006 campaign heavily funded by communist party members and are you prepared to give that money back?"

    The only way we can truly expose guys like Ritchie who are trying to do harm to this country is to call them out on what they're doing and show the average citizen who they are.

    Thanks Trevor for your work in helping expose these powerful communists who are trying to hijack our country.

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