The People Speak/Boo

A condescending leftist professor, hears the “voice of the people”.

Sandra Soto, PhD, is a professor of “gender and women’s studies” at the University of Arizona. Here’s the reaction she gets when she criticizes the Arizona immigration law, at a University of Arizona ceremony

From Breitbart


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6 thoughts on “The People Speak/Boo

  1. What the hell is the College of Social and Behavioral Science? Sounds like a lot of hog-wash and a waste of money.

    Nothing new here … a bunch of socialist assholes indoctrinating our children to accept their chains of slavery. Too bad someone didn't start throwing rotten tomatoes at this poorly groomed bitch.

  2. Good for the people! This speaker is obviously totally unaware that 75% of the people in the US are on the opposite side! This is definitely something that should not have been used as subject material at a graduation! She is pompous & arrogant – imposing her viewpoint on everyone else. With the extremely high unemployment rate & people who are being evicted from homes, of course the country can not afford to open the back door and let in people, not knowing who they are, what sort of background they have, etc. If they want in, let them follow the rules!

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