Tom Paine on "Amnesty Madness"

This so good, its worth repeating.

Tom Paine on illegal immigrant amnesty – aka – national suicide.


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1 thought on “Tom Paine on "Amnesty Madness"

  1. This is excellent and straight to the point.

    This country was never intended to be a generic game refuge sanctuary for every misfit and derilict Tom, Dick, and Harry that might stumble in from out of the swamp.

    This country was founded by, and for, "Ourselves and our Posterity" alone. All others have been invited into the "host" body politic as a privilege provided by the 14th Amendment.

    Those non-posterity Americans who seek to avail themselves of the blessings of liberty that this country alone provides to its people are welcomed to come here, but subject to the condition that they intend to also become Americans. That is the purpose of the constitutional oath.

    It is not their prerogative to seek and avail themselves of our hospitality, and then demand, as "guests" in the House of the Host, that the Rules of the House, our founding principles as established by the "host", be abandoned and abolished in order to accomodate their alien customs and beliefs. This country was not founded for them and is not their country, untill they are adopted into it and swear alliegiance to it and become "Americans".

    It is time that the constitutional "Posterity", to whom the country rightfully belongs, once again take charge of their birthright before they lose it forever.

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