Rich Leftist Mark Dayton Calls on Soros Help

Far left department store heir and Minnesota Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Mark Dayton said on December 2, 2010 that former President Bill Clinton will headline a fundraiser in New York City on December 13th to help Dayton pay for the recount of votes in the as yet undecided Minnesota Governor’s race.

Dayton said the event will be held at the home of financier George Soros. Dayton also said he’s is trying to schedule a fundraiser for December 15th that will be hosted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and others. Dayton says that fundraiser will go to his campaign. Dayton has raised more than $1,000,000 to so far for the  recount.

Dayton says he  he’s leading Republican Tom Emmer by about 9,000 votes after three days of counting.


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2 thoughts on “Rich Leftist Mark Dayton Calls on Soros Help

  1. Why all the fundraising and show? We have Harry Reid in the picture an encouragment to any election theif,and the election riggmaster himself,Mark,the Communist,Richie and George Soreholes,enough said.As Harry would say,"this election is stolen".(said in a defeatist lost war voice).God help this Nation and this World from these Satanically Possessed morons.So sad that they sell their souls to ETERNAL HELL for a few years of power.

  2. We KNOW where George Soros lives and he has not already been arrested for treason and sedition??? This nation is ABSURD..

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