Dick Morris -Obama’s Israel Policy Could Lead to a "Second Holocaust".

Former Clinton presidency adviser Dick Morris  on Obama’s disgraceful abandonment of Israel.

Will Obama’s anti Israel, pro Palestine policies lead to a second holocaust?

Will the 80% of American Jews who voted for Obama, realize that the 44th President is the most anti Israel U.S Chief Executive ever?


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5 thoughts on “Dick Morris -Obama’s Israel Policy Could Lead to a "Second Holocaust".

  1. You don't hear of the Palestinians plight in the media. 96% of the worlds media outlets are Jewish owned and run as Zionist propaganda machines. As for Dick Morris. The man screws whores and got caught. He was fired by the Clintons and ever since he's the Anti-Clinton Anti Obama and Anti anyone else who didn't take his side. This isn't a man of integrity. He's a little fat f-ing racist troll who screws whores lies to the American people spits the dummy out and crys when he gets caught.

  2. Leave to a group of bigot racists to suck on the toe suker's bs.
    Not all of us are stupid enough to fall for this dick. He was a top adviser for Clinton, but now he's are on the republican anti-obama side?

    Oh yeah, we better start World War 3 with Iran because of "the holocaust".

    You jews overplayed your hand with your involvement in 9-11. You killed 3000 of us to get us into wars against your enemies. There are now 110 million hits on a search for "Israel-truth-9-11"

    Israel is finished. Soon.

  3. Sweetie! Jews and Christaians will be dying together.
    He wants both other people dead!
    Look at all the HAMAS CZARS! Look at the terrorist linked president and parts of staff he's got in there!
    The UN is now driven by the Muslims and Shariah Law is going global. Jihad being sent out to enforce it, seen getting off of UN airplance.
    NWO (New World Order) wants all but 500,000 million dead. Queen and her inbred bunch included in the elite.
    I mean to tell you that Russia is the biggest winner in this mess. It was thought that Russia lost the war in Afghanistan, but hey didn't. I've seen the reports and Russia put their people in place as clergy. Their clergy has been established for 20 years and both Russia and China are prodding Iran. It appears that Obama is entirely on Iran's side. Why else would he not secure the borders where Hezzubal is entering?
    Shariah is world wide and has gain great strong hold on parts of the US.
    My friend, we are the targets! Both Christians and Jews are hated by these radicals that barely have an education and are being directed in part by the US!
    We've lost the war on terror! As to who was responsible for 911, the UN, US GOVERNMENT and probably HAMAS.
    I know this is not a pretty picture but it's the one being painted only much more detail and much more wierd shit!
    Don't forget, Israel are not the American enemy, however, it appears that the US Government and UN ARE!
    God bless you all. Angels watch over our beloved countries and get ready to recieve God's Army!

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