World Peace Council Amps Up Campaign Against U.S. Bases

The old Soviet front World Peace Council, used to operate under the joint control of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the KGB. It is now run by Cuba and other communist parties from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. It also has considerable influence inside the United Nations.

The organization is amping up its international campaign against foreign (read U.S.) military bases.

This should be taken very seriously indeed.

As Glenn Beck would say – “pressure from below”.


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10 thoughts on “World Peace Council Amps Up Campaign Against U.S. Bases

  1. Anonymous @ 8:48,
    Well biblically those who stand with Israel are blessed and those who are against Israel are cursed,but that point aside in your scenario if we just stay out of the picture Israel will kick the shit out of anyone messing with her,like we used to do ourselves.Plus they have that Masada Pact,"never again".Love 'em.
    Now to address the other part,I think you have a very valid point. We used to go to war in foreign lands to free the populations from tyrants,mostly communist threats,then return the country to the people and help rebuild even.Mostly the reason was to stop communisms spread and to avoid fighting on our own soil.The exact same enemy is now on our own soil and has deeply infiltrated our government,so yes we need to fight them on our own soil now. Sadly enough,but I agree.If we don't win this battle in America none of the rest will matter at all!

  2. do the progressives who call for the disarmament of the USA realize that it is the mortal enemies of western civilization who benefits if these bases close???
    are the progressives AWARE that they are handing western civilization over to Islam with their idiocy?

  3. Break my heart and "nudge" the U.S. into bringing home ALL OUR SOLDIERS from ALL FOREIGN bases. We're gonna need them to throw off the communist revolution the U.S. is currently undergoing. Plus it's waaaayyyy past time all the world's sheeple learn to take care of themselves.

    Next time there's something like a NAZI Holocaust or whatever, I'd be perfectly happy just to keep our troops on American soil and watch the festivities from afar.

    Screw the rest of the World – especially the corrupt and criminal United Nations!

    Oh yea, next time there's an international crisis of somekind, we'll just send them a few million copies of the WPC poster to display in the affected region.

  4. Nancy,
    George Soros has a paid staff who eat cheetos and look for our sites in their pajamas so yes! And We not only need for wannabee bullies to fear an asswhipping to keep a peaceful world but this dumbass, no experience narcissist and his american idol audience don't believe or understand that fact,and if they can they'll weaken are defenses too. Those bent on evil against us are smiling like hyenas.We are well on our way to our own undoing with this evil man in our whitehouse.

  5. I have said for years take away all of our foreign bases entirely.

    Germany and other countries would suffer economically beyond comprehension.

    We pull the plug, they suffer.

    Not to wish suffering on anyone, but tired of America being everyone's punching bag.

  6. It appears the shills have found this website.

    America needs to keep foreign bases to protect our allies and interest abroad, and promote freedom.

    Without the United States to back them, many countries wouldn't be able to defend their freedom from their enemies.

    The left never seems to understand the reality.

    Must be all that dope they smoke.

  7. We should not be the worlds policeman. All foreign military bases should be closed.The U.S. instigates most wars through false flag events or allowing attacks to be made, even though they were preventable. This kills innocent people and enrages populations creating support for something that could have been preventable. Overseas military bases make it easy to go to war. It should be hard.

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