5 thoughts on “"I"d Focus on the Police"

  1. Babies are safe "for the purposes of this interview."

    He doesn't endorse killing them "in that context."

    Note that he doesn't object to the substance of the offending quote, only the fact that it was published openly.

  2. Their big mouths have sealed their fate: 'here we are! , this is what we're doing!, watch and listen to our jungle dance!' Niggers destroying niggers now have countless 'cracker' veterans with 'cracker grandbabies' prepared. Not to mention all those 'cracker' mafia -italian, Russian, Irish, etc.) and bikers. Dumb fuckin Idiots. 'Cracker' males continue to be the most dangerous predators on earth, and now you waive 'here we are'!.

  3. Spoken like a lawyer. But once you get through the lawyer linguistic dance…bottom line The New Black Panthers are the same as the old Black Panthers, Racisit communists who will use violence against white people.

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