Just An "Average Kiwi" Bullshitter

The far left is freaking out about the arrest of nearly 20 of its people.

They’re starting to fight back and the first thing they’re doing is “muddying the waters“.

False stories about cops invading school buses, claims about bush “confidence courses” for young people, claims about the persecution of simple “organic gardeners” and “peace activists“, that Tame Iti is just a “harmless attention seeker” and that the police have been “hoaxed“.

Aziz Choudry posted a long article on Indymedia yesterday (and probably elsewhere) ridiculing the police actions.

It was entitled;

This Average Kiwi Bloke Has Had Enough…

As an ordinary average Kiwi bloke watching the events of the past few days in Aotearoa from Canada, I have felt both a sense of déjà vu and strong parallels between the two places. My outrage at the actions of the New Zealand Police and their political masters, and the way in which media feeding-frenzies and sensationalism has ensured that the words “terror” and “Maori” get bandied hysterically throughout the country and the globe, is tempered with a sense of how pathetically predictable this operation has been.

Predictable because the New Zealand state, built as it is on the dispossession of Maori and the continued colonization of Maori lands lives and resources has always inherently equated Maori resistance and decolonization initiatives with subversion, sedition and criminality. Perhaps especially so in Tuhoe, for whom this is yet another very real wave of armed invasion and occupation.

Check out Aziz Choudhry’s profile here.

Note that he is a long time supporter of Maori sovereignty . Note that he has been involved in two international Maoist organisations, the International League for People’s Struggles and like Tame Iti, the People’s Plan for the 21st Century.

Note that he is also a close associate of 1996 Security Intelligence Servive burglary victim, Dr David Small.

Just an “average Kiwi bloke“? Bullshit.


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