Patriotic Third Graders Sing "Home of the Brave"

The third graders of Tussing Elementary School in Virginia are on a roll. They are on a mission to create a wave of positive American music, and have just recorded a new song entitled “Home of the Brave”.

I have posted two other videos from this patriotic class of third-graders earlier this year, “Thankyou, Soldiers” and “There’s a Hero on the Way“. Watch all three and be inspired.


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5 thoughts on “Patriotic Third Graders Sing "Home of the Brave"

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  2. I long for the days when Americans loved their country. The cynicism in the quote above me makes me sad.

    Thank you for posting this video. Made my day.

  3. Where people help others in need and share the wealth.

    No quite as 'patriotic' as it is cute.

    When people are sick people still care (uh, ObamaoCare

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