Nicaragua Joins "Red Tide"

There was much propaganda before the recent Nicaraguan election, that Marxist -Leninist, Daniel Ortega was a changed man.

Not only that-the Sandinistas had abandoned their old communist ways and were ready to be friend with the USA.

Within a day of Ortega’s inauguration, it was announced that Nicaragua would become the forth member of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA.

Ortega, has, as was predicted, thrown in his lot with Castro, Chavez and Morales.

Nicaragua has formally joined the “Red Tide” rolling across Latin America.

From the Communist Party of Cuba’s Granma.

MANAGUA, January 11.—With the official declaration that Nicaragua is to join the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and the signing of its founding document, there are now four countries making up this new form of peoples’ integration.

Representatives of the new integration bloc were present at an event in the Rubén Darío Theater that President Daniel Ortega described as historic when he affirmed that Nicaragua had adopted the principles of the ALBA founding declaration, dated December 14, 2004, and signed at that time by President Fidel Castro and President Hugo Chávez. Then Bolivia, the third member, joined in April 2006 and the Trade Treaty of the Peoples was incorporated.

The principles, as noted by José Ramón Machado, vice president of the Council of State of Cuba, are solidarity, cooperation and complementarity in a region where basic human rights like education, health and social security are problems that have to be solved.

We are going in the right direction, we are already many,” exclaimed Evo. “The hour of the resurrection of the peoples in this new battle has arrived,” stated Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez.

And Fidel was present. His name resounded in the theater in the voices of the four signatories with acknowledgment, in friendship, with affection. Because his ideas are starting to bear fruit.

The Nicaraguan president decorated Chávez and Evo Morales with the Augusto César Sandino Order in the highest grade of the Battle of San Vicente. Fidel has already received that recognition.

After signing the documents, the four signatories raised them on high and then, as a symbol of unity, extended their arms and placed them one over each other on the copies signed.


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  1. Nice links to commie and green groups on the right of your homepage Trev 🙂 Bet the commies are pleased there is one more link to their pages on the web.

  2. You should also do a report on Cindy Sheehan being an “honored guest” in Communist Cuba to protest GITMO at the same time, she ignores the dissidents who were tortured to death in Cuba.

    And you can search for the Granma’s praise of Sheehan, the Communist Party of Cuba’s version of the Pravda via Google.

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