Green Party File 6 Sue Bradford Blames Ruth and Roger for South Auckland Gangs

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The Marxist ideas that have sustained Sue Bradford through the Progressive Youth Movement, the Workers Communist League, the Peoples Network and now the Green Party are infallible.

Sue’s Marxist analysis can solve any social problem.

While New Zealand anguishes over the causes of endemic gang violence and regular brutal killings, Sue Bradford and Great Uncle Karl had the answers years ago.

While we blame drugs, PC policing, welfare degradation, crap education system, piss-poor apprenticeship system, lazy parenting and even plain old fashioned evil, Sue Bradford is way ahead of the pack.

From the Green Party website

Sth Auckland gangs are the children of Rogernomics

Sue Bradford MP 28 Oct 2005
Green Party Social Justice Spokesperson

The Green Party will today lend support to local efforts to tackle the youth gang issue in South Auckland, but believe that New Zealand’s entire economic model must be seen as the root cause of recent violence, Social Justice Spokesperson Sue Bradford says.

Rev. Mua Strickson-Pua, a Pacific community leader, former gang worker and recent Green Party Mangere candidate, will represent the Party at a Mangere East Family Service Centre meeting this afternoon.

“It is not good enough to keep demonising the youth of South Auckland. We should instead be looking at the underlying causes of young people getting into heavy crime,” Ms Bradford, who previously helped run Peoples’ Centres in Mangere and Manurewa, says.

Roger and Ruth’s fault

“These are the children of Rogernomics and Ruthanasia. Their parents’ generation was deliberately dispossessed of job security, secure affordable housing and any sense that the social and political system gave a damn about them. The recent violence is a result of long-term deprivation and alienation from society – endemic poverty over decades, a lot of housing transience and early exclusion from education. Inherent structural racism, poor mental and physical health, and stress and violence in the home all play a role too.”

“The Green Party believes that the root causes of poverty and alienation must be addressed by urgent Government action. An immediate rise in the minimum wage to $12-per-hour, not waiting three years; benefits that are enough to live on; more state housing in Auckland; more focused assistance to schools and young people so they are not so mercilessly and constantly pushed out of mainstream education; and a tangible and rapid commitment to ending child poverty.

“The Government also has to wake up and join the dots between its high-end economic policy and the resulting on-the-ground impact, such as a free trade policy that views the widespread loss of well-paid manufacturing jobs as acceptable collateral damage.”

There you go. Roger’s to blame. Sue and Great Uncle Karl tell us so.

Green Party file 7 here


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